Their silence is deafening!

Li Hamdan

Yes, this is about the father and son of the DAP! They have been unusually silent these past few weeks, if you haven’t already noticed.

Somebody raised this matter just a couple of days ago, saying the DAP supremo leaders could be up to something dangerously big! Are they planning something unimaginable? Yet, with such scenario being expressed, they have still remained silent!

Meanwhile, we have been listening to too much of Mahathir’s whining in his blogs about his concern for his safety, claiming that his life is in “real” danger. He went on to say that he’s puzzled as to why the police couldn’t be bothered to take precautionary measures to guarantee his safety.

For weeks prior to his complaints about these “unseen” threats on his wellbeing, his PBPM party’s RBA’s and mahacais (or blind loyalists) have been making one-liner perception building-up propaganda on their FB timelines, one-liners that are unfounded and unrealistic insinuations that the former PM’s decision to contest the Langkawi parliamentary seat is causing a big scare to UMNO and “some people” in power!

Then, came Nomination Day last Saturday – Mahathir delivered the finishing touch with a bombshell fake news! He complained that his private jet had been mysteriously sabotaged by “someone” so that his flight to Langkawi had to be cancelled. He pointed out that this was clear indication that someone wanted him disposed of at whatever cost, so that he could not be present at the nomination center in time to submit his nomination papers.

But, he explained, he somehow managed to get a replacement jet in time to fly to Langkawi.

His accusations that there had been an attempt to sabotage his flight did not go unnoticed by the Malaysian aviation authorities.

The matter was immediately attended to by a team of investigators from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). Thorough investigations were carried out to determine what actually happened, how and why the jet was perceived to be unsafe and ordered grounded, with all records being checked to see if there were discrepancies during its routine checks. But, investigators were satisfied that there had been no indications of sabotage.


Despite the findings of the investigation, Mahathir is still holding to the belief that “someone” had meddled” with the jet’s left front wheel to stop him from taking off to Langkawi, or even, as he put it, to cause physical injuries to him and everyone else in the jet.

Now, it has been a week since. And no one in the Pakatan Harapan leadership had anything to say, anything at all, about the jet incident. Not a word from anyone in the opposition pact, not even from anyone in his own party bunga, the PPBM.

The question is why? Why the deafening silence? It is clear that the supremo father and son tag-team leadership of the DAP are not likely to be planning something big to launch prior to D-Day.

The only possible and most logical reason would be Mahathir’s unmanageable cockiness. They must have grown tired of the old man’s wild and unrealistic complaints.

Do you still remember the last time DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng spoke on something? Yes, he has expressed disagreement with Mahathir’s statement that Pakatan Harapan will stop all projects involving China participation if they come to power after the General Election!

That said, do the die-hard fanatic supporters of Mahathir still believe the old man is going to be made the Prime Minister by the DAP?



TELEGRAM: Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

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