They can’t get their AGM’s right, and yet, they want to save Malaysia?

TTF: First, it was PKR, Then, it was the DAP. Now, it’s PPBM (see news item below). They’re all from Pakatan Harapan. They’re all run by family dynasties.

In the case of the DAP, the father – Lim Kit Siang – is leading the party by proxy through his son, the party Secretary General. In the case of PPBM, the son is purportedly being represented by his father, the party chairman, though we all know that the son is brain dead. And so is the president of PKR, whose husband is in prison serving time on charges of sodomy. 

These are dynasty centric people who are the least bit concerned with the national agenda. Forget saving Malaysia, they’re too busy trying to save themselves. That explains why neither one can get their respective party AGMs right.

In the case of the DAP and PKR, they can’t even get their elections right. Remember the 2014 PKR election? It was a horrible disaster, with multiple reports of vote fraud and brawls at polling centres. The whole affair was clearly a sham from the start, and yet, you don’t see people like Ambiga Sreenevasan having anything to say about it.

And neither does she talk about the DAP’s CEC elections, the last three of which were deeply mired in controversy. The first two – held in 2012 and repeated in 2013 – were rigged by the party Secretary General himself along with Anthony Loke and Liew Chin Tong. The latest seems to have suffered the same fate with reports surfacing that the poll was manipulated. 

And to what avail?

Well, Lim Guan Eng needs to keep himself in power as he knows that a clean and fair election would mark the end of his career. The same goes for Mahathir, who knows that a significant number of PPBM members no longer want him around. Had he given his detractors a chance to speak, there would have been chaos.

And yet, these guys are planning to save Malaysia.

PUTRAJAYA: A former Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) Youth executive committee member today lodged a formal complaint with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) on the party’s first annual general meeting (AGM) on Saturday for allegedly not complying with the party constitution.


According to Mohamad Taufik Abas, no meetings were held for the election of delegates at the division and branch levels or party wings to attend the AGM.

He claimed that the delegates present at the AGM at the Ideal Convention Centre, Shah Alam were  “cronies” of PPBM chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“Dr Mahathir brings cronyism to PPBM. They are all his cronies. Those who were against Dr Mahathir were not picked to attend the AGM, “he said.

Mohamad Taufik advised Malaysian youths not to be used by Dr Mahathir for his personal propaganda.

According to him, Dr Mahathir had called on the party members to sacrifice their money to support the party but he himself did not sacrifice anything.

Source: The Malay Mail Online



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