They need to pin something on Najib

Dato’ Lokman Adam

They need to pin something on Najib since the voters were asked to kick out Najib to ‘save Malaysia’. If not it will end up like President Bush and his WMDs, the excuse to oust Saddam and in the end no WMDs.

PAC Chairman Tan Seng Giaw repeatedly said there is no evidence Najib stole 1MDB’s money. They are worried they might not be able to charge Najib or get a conviction if they put him on trial.

Pakatan won only 47% of the votes. If the voters feel cheated, in GE15 they might swing back to BN and all you need is a 5% swing.

In GE14, more Malays voted for PAS and Umno combined than for Pakatan. The non-Malay votes are already maximised so there is nowhere more to go.

The Malays did not vote in support of Pakatan. They voted against Najib because of the 1MDB and GST issues. So if 1MDB and GST are proven fake in the end, they will need a new bogeyman to prove Najib’s criminality. Hence the RM1 trillion issue.

Pakatan over-promised in GE14. Now they can’t deliver. Rafidah sort of hinted that today. Pakatan is also still talking like the opposition. They can’t yet adjust to being the government. So they are over-talking. They think if they continue to talk they can mesmerise the people with ‘sweet words’.

Soon the people will get tired of the talk and will demand action. In the meantime they try to distract the people with all this drama.