This Facebooker named Daniel Goh is a nuisance to our cause

Raggie Jessy

This man named Daniel Goh is a nuisance to our cause and has been dabbling in Facebook wars with people determined to set things right for our nation.

He’s gone on record to misquote certain personalities in my presence and has now resorted to such dubious postings (below).

To Daniel, I have this to say:

If you have something to say against someone, have the balls to name the person so that the person can decide whether or not to initiate action pursuant to law against you.

For instance, have the balls to tell Malaysians what you told me, that Lim Guan Eng was your schoolmate and was regarded by many as being below average.

Tell the world what you told me, about how the Minister of Finance used to be bullied in school and how his father used to drill hm with hatred at home.

Don’t hide under cocoons.

Name the person you’re hinting at with the post below if you have the balls: