TMJ: 12 days, 2 contradicting statements by Dr M on federal power

Mejar Jeneral Tunku Ismail

I have read the Prime Minister’s statement today, 10 December, regarding the Kukup Island’s (Pulau Kukup) status remaining as a National Park. Regarding this issue, the Johor state government released a statement yesterday (9 December) that the Kukup Island would remain as a Johor National Park. The decision came after discussions between the state government and His Majesty Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

In today’s statement, the PM said that Kukup Island should not be developed. However, to this day nobody has released a statement about development on the Kukup Island. The real issue with the Kukup Island is that we need more progressive steps to protect the area, not to develop it. I hope nobody issues any statement that is not in line with the real issue.

4 December 2018 – I released a statement that Kukup Island would become a Sultanate land and its function as a National Park shall remain.

5 December 2018 – An official statement by HM Sultan of Johor decreed that the Kukup Island shall remain as a Johor National Park.

9 December 2018 – The Menteri Besar of Johor released an official statement that the Kukup Island would remain as a National Park after discussions with HM Sultan of Johor.

10 December 2018 – Tun Mahathir said the Kukup Island would remain as a National Park and the federal government wasn’t an outsider.

What is the new issue that the Prime Minister wants to highlight? The same decision of the Kukup Island remaining as a Johor National Park has already been made by the state government and decreed by His Majesty Sultan of Johor.

In a statement regarding the temple issue in Seafield, Subang Jaya, Selangor on 29 November 2018, the Prime Minister said land matters were under the jurisdiction of the state government and the federal government had no rights (to interfere). However, this statement contradicts today’s statement by the Prime Minister himself on the Kukup Island issue. In the Kukup Island issue, he said the federal government was not an outsider and was responsible for all states and the Kukup Island. So, why does the federal government want to interfere with the land issue in Johor, but not on the same thing with the temple issue in Selangor? In the space of 12 days, PM has released 2 contradicting statements on the federal government’s power on land issues in different states. In comparison, the temple issue in Subang Jaya, Selangor was more serious because there were racial tensions and riots at that time.

Among the reasons HM Sultan of Johor has decided to make the Kukup Island a Sultanate Land are to ensure the protection of nature at the area and avoid things like the degazettement of reserve land, hence preventing development on such areas, which have happened in many parts of Malaysia. Surely you have heard of the degazettement of reserve land and forests just to build highways and increase city areas. We need strict action to avoid these things from happening in Johor. Look at the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park in Mersing after being gazetted a Marine Park. The area has become an important area to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity of the ocean and become a site for scuba activities because of its beautiful corals and rare species.

So, do not make a non-issue into an issue just to cover the weaknesses of the federal government’s administration. I also hope the federal government will research about an issue first before making incorrect assumptions or being influenced by the whispers of certain people. Besides this issue, the people have noticed that the federal government has made a lot of U-turns in various promises, issues and decisions. And many of these issues have effects and impacts on the daily lives of Malaysians.


Prime Minister Tun Mahathir statement on Kukup Island, 10 Disember 2018:

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HRH Major General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor

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