Too much drama regarding this so-called ‘hunt’ for Jho Low

TTF: Once again, we’re being fed with meaningless feeds regarding this so-called ‘hunt’ for Jho Low.

A report that surfaced on the 8th of July 2018 even went so far as to suggest that the billionaire was a fugitive on the run.

On that day, TTF pointed out that a person can only be referred to as a fugitive if he or she were to be in hiding. 

Low couldn’t possibly fit that description considering that the Government of Malaysia (GoM) admitted that it knew his whereabouts.

As a matter of fact, the GoM even confirmed that Low had communicated with Malaysian authorities and agreed to extend full cooperation.

And let’s not forget the fact that the GoM failed to file a formal request for his arrest in the country he is supposed to be ‘hiding’.

So how could it be that Low is being hunted?

Is the NST not aware that Dr Mahathir Mohamad attempted to negotiate terms with the billionaire via a special Skype session in the Prime Minister’s office?

On the 8th of July 2018, I wrote (in red):

Is Mahathir going to deny that he and Daim Zainuddin asked Low to testify against Najib in such a way that the former premier would be made to look like the person who “masterminded the 1MDB scandal?”

To date, neither Daim nor Mahathir has come out to deny this claim.

Could it be they’re afraid, that if they did so, a lot more cats will come crawling out of their bags once I dangle some fish in front of them?

KUALA LUMPUR: As authorities hunt for Low Taek Jho, focus is now being given to the businessman’s second passport said to be from St Kitts and Nevis.

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) previously informed that Low or Jho Low as he is more commonly known as, holds two passports, with the second one issued by the West Indies island country.

Immigration Department director-general Datuk Mustafar Ali today admitted that when he first received the information, he was puzzled as he never heard of the place.

“I browsed the place and the island has a very beautiful scenery,” he added.

Commenting on the hunt for Jho Low, Mustafar said he believed that the businessman was using his passport from the island country to move around.

“We believe he has been using the passport for his movement. That’s the only thing I can say for now… we believe he is using that passport,” he said when met at the Ilham tower, here, today.

Jho Low was said to have left Hong Kong for Macau but recent reports indicate that he could have left Macau.

Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun said the police received an email from the authorities in Macau informing of the businessman’s departure.

Mohamad Fuzi said Jho Low’s destination however could not be ascertained.


Jho Low, who had been linked to cases related to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), was located in Hong Kong in June.

The Malaysian police team deployed for his arrest there, however, was not able to do so, as he already fled the country.

He was later learnt to have arrived in Macau via ferry.

Meanwhile, in a report by South China Morning Post, a Chinese official had also denied Jho Low had fled from Macau to mainland China.

“He definitely is not in mainland China, any claim that he is hiding in the mainland is irresponsible,” South China Morning Post quoted a source as saying.

St Kitts is a small Caribbean nation reputed to be a popular place to obtain a passport.

For as low as US$250,000, a foreigner can allegedly acquire a citizenship with no requirements to live in the country.

Source: NST Online

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