Tuan Ibrahim stabbing PAS in the back

Tuan Ibrahim is reported to be in dire financial straits due to a failed land deal in Pahang and he is under tremendous pressure to come up with a few million ringgit to settle his problem. There are also allegations of fraud so this is more than just a failed commercial transaction but involves something criminal as well.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Two weeks ago, Malaysia Today published a story titled ‘DAP Mole Named Timmy Say Planted In PAS’ (READ HERE).

In that story we revealed that DAP had planted a mole in PAS by the name of Timmy Say and that he is the ‘handler’ for the party Deputy President, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man. This was what we said in that story two weeks ago:

Timmy Say is Tuan Ibrahim’s handler. He prepares Tuan Ibrahim’s statements, writes Tuan Ibrahim’s articles, sends out messages in Tuan Ibrahim’s name, manages Tuan Ibrahim’s Facebook, WhatsApp and so on, does all the research and gives feedback to Tuan Ibrahim, and more. He literally manages Tuan Ibrahim short of chewing Tuan Ibrahim’s food for him.

And Timmy Say makes sure that everything Tuan Ibrahim ‘says’ (which is actually Timmy Say saying) contradicts what Hadi says so that the impression can be created that Hadi and Tuan Ibrahim are at loggerheads.

When asked what he is trying to do, Timmy Say explains that they are just playing good-cop-bad-cop. Hadi is the ‘bad cop’ while Tuan Ibrahim is the ‘good cop’. This is a fall-back plan in case PAS needs to go back to Pakatan and do a deal with DAP. So they cannot burn all their bridges and need to keep at least one door still open. Hence Tuan Ibrahim contradicts Hadi to show that DAP still has friends in PAS and that there is still hope for the future and that DAP need not write off PAS totally.


The latest information received is that Tuan Ibrahim has entered into a secret pact with Pakatan Harapan without party President Abdul Hadi Awang’s consent or knowledge. PAS will contest one-to-one with Barisan Nasional in the Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu state seats while Pakatan Harapan will contest one-to-one with Barisan Nasional in all the parliament seats. This will ensure straight fights in the three Malay heartland states.

Pakatan Harapan does not mind if PAS ends up winning Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu and gets to form the state governments in those three states. What Pakatan Harapan wants is only the parliament seats so that it can get to form the federal government. DAP knows that even if Pakatan Harapan forms the state governments in Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu, DAP will have no presence there anyway as it will be PAN, PKR and PPBM that will be winning those seats.

DAP is prepared to allow those three predominantly Malay states with up to 97% Malay voters to be under PAS as long as Pakatan Harapan is ruling at federal level. For Pakatan Harapan to march into Putrajaya they will need at least 112 parliament seats (and preferably 120 to be safe), and with an estimated 54 or so seats owned by DAP, that would mean DAP would be the majority with the balance 58 parliament seats owned by the other three partners in Pakatan Harapan.




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