Tuan Tat: A “denial syndrom PM-in-waiting?”

Tan Tuan Tat

Why Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad repeated his private jet ‘sabotage’ claims despite clarification made by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) and the aircraft company, Vista Jet, that no such incident took place?

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi gave a swift response by saying that the police will probe Mahathir’s claim that the plane he boarded to Langkawi was sabotaged.

Also, Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai, who had ordered the civil aviation officials to begin an immediate investigation into Mahathir’s claim, said it was a serious accusation.

According to NST paper dated April 30, CAAM chairman Azharuddin A Rahman had said that the aircraft was unable to fly due to air leakage from the left hand nose wheel, which is a minor and routine technical fault.

Private jet charter, VistaJet, had also corroborated CAAM’s statement that there was no indication of sabotage to the plane, adding that another VistaJet aircraft was immediately made available to fulfil Mahathir’s schedule.

Finding of investigations carried out by the authorities and professional company shows that there’s no such thing as ‘sabotage’ as claimed by Mahathir but he insists about his claim. Isn’t it a clear sign of demonstrating denial syndrome?

VistaJet stated clearly that another aircraft was immediately made available to fulfil Mahathir’s schedule but this statement was described by Mahathir as “sheer nonsense” as reported by NST.

Again, this is another time of showing denial syndrome other than claiming that there’s leakage from the fluid of the front wheel but the actual issue was the drop of air pressure of the wheel.


Just use our common sense to think, do you think that VistaJet dared to issue a statement without any proof of dispatching another aircraft for Mahathir?

The false claim of sabotaging Mahathir’s private jet is a serious accusation that will tarnish the image of our country especially the aviation industry and I believe that Mahathir is certainly aware about this because he was our Prime Minister for 22 years.

Mahathir is the appointed candidate for Pakatan Harapan (PH) as their prime minister to save the country as claimed by them.

Is this Pakatan’s way of saving the country by tarnishing the domestic aviation industry? Are they trying to save the nation or actually trying to destroy the country that is already well-maintained by the current BN government?

A person with denial syndrome will never admit his/her wrongdoing. That’s why he/she will continue insisting of his/her accusation no matter how many time he/she was presented with the actual fact.

Can you tell us was there any other candidates of GE14 going to the nomination centre with their luxury private jet as you, Tun?

Many of my friends have told me repeatedly that you should be enjoying your valuable time with your family instead of continue creating false accusation that will benefit nobody in the end.

Mahathir who insisted about his claim of attempt to sabotage his luxury private jet has led us to think of possible hidden political agenda especially during the GE14 campaign period because basically there’s no point for him to continue mentioning about his luxury private jet where all findings are clear and free from the serious accusation of sabotage.

Do you feel safe to support a Prime Minister candidate with denial syndrome?

Voters must think twice before choosing PH to support Mahathir to become the next Prime Minister.

Source: Berita Daily



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