Two cases that prove Pakatoons don’t care for the truth

Li Hamdan

As the days are drawing close to the 14th general election (GE14), most likely to take place in the next few months, we are today witnessing ever more onslaught of ridiculously distorted opinions expressed on the social media by Pakatan Harapan non-thinking fanatics.

These hard-headed stone-hearted zombies are so stuck up in their misguided and unjustified philosophies that they don’t seem to care for reasons. They would obliviously choose to drift further and further away from reality. And they don’t even care for the truth!

Two newsworthy items are currently being exploited to the full by the Pakatoon zombies to illustrate what they perceive as injustice. The two most exploited events  are:

  1. the Rafizi Ramli’s (PKR vice president and MP for Pandan) jail sentence under the BAFIA law;
  2. the revoking of former premier Mahathir Mohamed’s Honorary title (Darjah Kebesaran (DK)) — a prestiged award of Royal status to leaders — by the Sultan of Kelantan.

It is funny though, that banking on these two matters, they are actually illustrating how sick their minds really are for knowingly rejecting, and totally disregarding the whole truth, despite so much explaining and rationalizing having been presented to tune up their thinking for the better and to put things in the right perspective. But alas, they are not in the mood to think like normal people do.

The court’s decision to send the PKR Member of Parliament (MP) into 30 months’ imprisonment for his offence under the Banks and Financial Institutions Act 1989 (BAFIA) has been turned upside down into an all-out smear campaign in the social media against the government. Day in day out, die hard Pakatoon fanatics and propagandists are promoting Rafizi as the people’s (unjustified) hero despite his unlawful act of exposing bank statements belonging to National Feedlot Corp and its chairman that he believed contained proof of misappropriation of funds from the company. They will, by all means, insist that Rafizi is a victim of gross injustice, regardless if it is really justified or not.

It may be quite acceptable for the uneducated to have distorted mindset. But it is rather disheartening that a former Cabinet Minister too has become as impossible and ridiculous as those emotionally driven fanatics.

The Former Minister of International Trade and Industry, Datuk Paduka Rafidah Aziz, in her most recent blog entitled (translatedFOR US ALL TO PONDER… she says:



“When laws are not (meant) to protect us from corruptions.. But we (instead) protect those who partake in corruptions from us….That will be the beginning of the collapse of a nation….”

Now, this is totally absurd. What laws is she talking about? Is it the BAFIA? The law is a standard international banking law which is commonly observed by banking institutions all over the world to preserve the integrity of the banks and to guarantee privacy of their clients. For that matter, the BAFIA was passed by the Malaysian Parliament in 1989 and effectively enforced ever since the era of Mahathir’s administration. And Rafidah was a senior Minister in his Cabinet.

With regard to law protecting the corrupt as what she is trying to imply, she must have confused herself with the NFCorp defamation case brought against Rafizi by the corporation and its chairman. Or she must have pretended to be as confused as the whole lot of those dumb fellows in Pakatan Harapan are about the other court case.

It has been nearly two years since the court made its finding on the defamation case and ordered Rafizi to pay damages of RM200,000 to NFCorp and its chairman plus RM100,000 in legal costs to the plaintiffs. So, the NFCorp and its chairman who were alleged by Rafizi to have misappropriated public funds had won their defamation case against Rafizi and received their claims for damages in full, meaning, Rafizi has admitted that he was in the wrong after all. In this regard, I see no hero, no victim of injustice. I see neither corruptions, nor such thing as protection of the corrupts.

Now, tell me: What law is Rafidah talking about that she claims to be protecting the corrupt??? Certainly, there are more and in fact the majority are people who are smart enough not to fall into such impossible thinking of injustice. The jail sentence serves him right.

Now let us get on with the other “hot” issue.

The past couple of days there have been an overflow of too many unpleasant and disrespectful comments made by Mahahir’s supporters on the revoking of the honorary title (Darjah Kebesaran (DK)) by the Sultan of Kelantan.

On the part Mahathir himself, his reaction as depicted in his latest statement on the social media is rather unbecoming of a former statesman. Seemingly a quest for public sympathy, the words he used, however, are tantamount to a mild attempt to instigate people’s uprising against Raja-Raja Melayu.

Following is what Mahathir said in a recent posting:


Saya dipimpin rakyat dan memimpin rakyat. Jika ada lagi yang nak tarik pingat anugerah Istana, saya redha kerana saya yakin dengan kata-kata orang tua dulu, 





I am led by the people and for them I lead. If there’s anymore awards to be revoked by the Istana, I will willingly relinquish no doubt because I am convinced by an old folk saying:



In yesterday’s posting on Deklarasi Rakyat Tolak Kleptokrat belonging to Khairuddin Abu Hassan, the former right hand man of Mahathir made the following comment:

“Kalau tak salah, ini kata2 Hang Jebat dalam filem Hang Tuah semasa Hang Jebat bangun menentang Sultan Melaka demi.membela nasib Hang Tuah yg dijatuhi hukuman bunuh tampa usul periksa oleh Sultan Melaka.”


“If (I am) not mistaken, these were the words of Hang Jebat in the filem Hang Tuah spoken out by Jebat when he was standing up in protest against the Melaka Sultan, in defense of Hang Tuah who was sentenced to death by the Sultan without sufficient grounds…”

So, clearly, they are using Hang Jebat’s words of treason to go against the Sultan of Kelantan who is presently the Yang Dipertuan Agong, the King.

Already (up to this morning), there have been remote responses via comments made by Mahathir’s hardcore supporters saying the unthinkable, that a “war siren has been blasted off” by Mahathir, adding that they are ready for it.

These comments are so serious, that if left unchecked and uncontained, are likely to pose serious threats to national security, especially when they have purposefully made special mention of the name Hang Jebat, who ran amok in protest against the Sultan of Melaka.

All in all, Mahathir and his cohorts are obviously trying to exploit the revoking of his honorary title (Darjah Kebesaran) by the Sultan to trigger off a civil war of sorts. This is no coincidence anyway, since it has been widely known that there exists an agenda for what they call a “regime change” in Malaysia which is allegedly financed and pre-programmed by a foreign concern that has been ongoing for some years.



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