Two years as puppet Prime Minister? No way!

Li Hamdan

Dr Mahathir may say he needs only two years to undo all the wrong he claims Najib has done!

But all we have witnessed thus far are DAP leaders are riding on the old man’s back. His awarded status as Pakatan Harapan’s “top dog” and nomination as the Prime Minister-in-waiting are really mouth-watering carrots dangling before his eyes. And the old man is on the brink of going ‘nyanyuk’.

If he is not forgetful but fully aware of the DAP’s game plan, he must be saying that “it’s OK if you want to use my Malay base influence to get the support of the Malays for DAP…it is fine with me.” Mahathir must be sending quite a clear message that he is ever willing to be that very person the DAP is especially looking for to screw the Malays.

But to Mahathir worshippers as a whole, the view they’re seeing from the ground level is entirely different. They see only what they wish and love to see, which is a possible end to their most hated Najib’s reign, along with the eventual demise of UMNO’s 60-yearlong rule. Most importantly, they’re yearning for the rise of their beloved hero Mahathir back to power.

But has it ever occurred to them that the promise of Premiership-in-waiting for Mahathir is unreal? It is there for show only, to hoodwink the Malays into believing that even if election results would show the DAP as the dominant power in Pakatan Harapan, the Prime Minister’s post will remain in the hands of the Malays. They take it for granted that it is stated as a condition in the Federal Constitution that the post of Prime Minister must be a Malay.

This is the illusion that the DAP is using in its game plan. Mahathir’s hardcore supporters and worshippers are drowned in this illusion to notice anything unusual or out of the ordinary.

But the fact remains, that it isn’t stated anywhere that the Prime Minister must be a Malay. It simply says that any Member of Parliament who commands the support of a majority voice in the Dewan Rakyat is legitimately to be named as the Prime Minister.

Two days ago, I read with disgust the ‘hate’ posting in media by a friend of mine who happens to be in my list only because we came from the same school, though he is more than 10 years my junior. Now, this guy has a PhD in Business Management which he acquired two or three years ago.


According to him, because TV3 showed far too many Najib speeches, he couldn’t stand it and “turned off the TV!” That was not so bad. In the next posting, he demonstrated a no-compromise attitude by alleging that Najib was the “most hated person who is still in office as PM.” He used some of the most unkind words to refer to PAS as UMNO’s new acquaintance. I have always known that this guy was a staunch PAS supporter because we used to have brief exchanges here on the Net some years back before the split in the party. Although I refrained from commenting anything on his latest posting, I came to realize that he, along with other PAS supporters I know, have become staunch supporters of PAN.

Now, this kind of remarks are not unusual, given the all-out hate campaigns that have being orchestrated by the DAP over the years and what these campaigns have done to the minds of innocent people. And we’re talking the young and old, especially those inclined to the opposition.

Even the ‘educated’ are not spared. This guy, who’s a PhD holder, believes that Jho Low has committed a criminal offense and that Najib is a part of it. He has totally disregarded the fact that there is no proof whatsoever of funds being siphoned out from 1MDB. Yet, he is convinced that the DoJ’s seizure of the yacht allegedly owned by Jho Low was legitimate despite the fact that no criminal charges have ever been served on the billionaire.

On top of that, there has never been a charge by the DoJ on any Malaysian for money laundering.  So, the point is, can the DoJ continue to seize people’s belongings despite the fact that it refuses to work with Malaysian authorities to investigate complaints of wrongdoing? These are basic principles of the law that the DoJ seems to have ignored conveniently.

And this PhD holder doesn’t seem to see this simple point!

All he cares is only what he wishes to see, nothing more. Just like what DS Rosmah Mansor has recently said on a TV talk show, that people will believe what they want to believe. I am not saying Jho Low innocent or that he has NOT committed a crime, but if he has done wrong, he must be investigated, arrested and charged for the wrong that he has done in a court of law. But so far, none of that has happened. Yet, you see a lot overexcitement on the part of the dumb and dumber in Pakatan over the seizure of the yacht.

This strange encounter with a highly-educated friend has made me realize how minds can be manipulated, distorted and politically disfigured regardless of how highly educated a person can be. And Mahathir, as we have seen of late, has become quite an expert in this Nazi style campaign strategy. He used to say, ‘keep telling lies day in and day out, and after a period of time, people will begin to believe they are true.’

This is exactly what Mahathir’s well paid propagandists and Pakatan’s cytros are religiously practicing today. And a highly-educated person with a PhD is surely most effective in doing the irreversible damage to the minds!!!

Now, coming back to the DAP’s game of illusion, Mahathir’s fanatics such as my PhD friend whose undivided loyalty has switched over to the dominant DAP in the pact are in for a big surprise!

If and when the time comes, the dominant DAP will drop Mahathir for some good reason in favour of Lim Kit Siang’s son who is to be made the new PM. No, not Mahathir, not Wan Azizah and not Anwar Ibrahim. Lim Guan Eng is the man, as planned.

Mahathir may have to compromise by saying that he should stay out of the new government line-up because of his past mistakes.

With such a scenario, the Malays will realize they have lost everything – no longer will there be Malay political power, no more freedom as enjoyed under UMNO’s Islamic government, and worse still, there is no recourse.

For the Malays, it will be a new struggle for survival…

Then, you can say that the agenda for a regime change has been accomplished.

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