UMNO, read Hadi’s mind. He’s waiting for your next move

Raggie Jessy

UMNO needs to work with PAS. There is no question about it. The only thread left hanging is if UMNO realises, that in order to work with PAS, the party must not just be seen adhering to the fundamental precepts of Islam, but demonstrate a will to restructure in accordance to the demands of the Syaria. Now, that is not to say UMNO needs to rewrite its constitution to turn itself into PAS 2.0.


It simply means that the party leadership must resonate on the principle, that in order to defend our country, one needs to surrender himself (or herself) to the will of Allah and understand, that the administrative principles set forth by the Quran and the Hadith are fundamental in bringing about unity. Even the Prophet Moses did not dissuade his followers from meeting the Pharaoh and demanded that they fall within decorum. As a matter of fact, Allah Himself sent Moses to invite the Pharaoh, Haman, and their people to monotheism and to seek protection of the Israelites.

Moses was never disrespectful towards the Pharaoh.

Likewise, if it is Mahathir you’re seeking to ‘dethrone’, the last thing you should do is to refer to him as the “Maha-Firaun.” Allah demands that everything be done in accordance with the ideals of had, i.e., there has to be a limit to every action and (or) punishment, that all actions and (or) punishments must be committed with noblest of intents. If indeed the intent is to remove Pakatan Harapan from power, the first thing a true Muslim has to do is to submit to the will of Allah, and demonstrate, with an absolute degree of conviction, in prayer, action and person, that the person he (or she) is seeking to dethrone is a threat to the ummah.

And that’s precisely where PAS is coming from.

Allah never commanded Moses to enter a pact with the Pharaoh. All He did was ask the Prophet to meet the Pharaoh by recognising that the Pharaoh was a monarch. Islam accords great importance to the question of eminence particularly when dealing with matters of fairness and justice. One must recognise, that Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and that Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan is the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. When I made clear that Mahathir was cruel, I also politely requested that I be granted an audience with him.


Because I recognise Mahathir to be a Prime Minister of Malaysia. I made a conscious attempt in writing and person to seek protection of the man he was tormenting. Like me, Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi too did the right thing by seeking audiences with Mahathir. He, however, met Mahathir not to seek protection for Najib, but to sign a devious pact with the tormentor of his friend.

Is that not forbidden in Islam?

Is it not true that UMNO regards the Prime Minister to be cruel, deviationist, immoral and corrupt? If indeed Zahid feels Mahathir doesn’t possess any of these qualities, the right thing for him to do would be to resign both as UMNO president and member with immediate effect. But not only has he yet to do so, a well placed source has since revealed that he is bent on ditching PAS and merging UMNO with PPBM. Given that PAS is well aware of this, can one blame the Islamic party for dilly dallying on its decision to form a coalition with UMNO?

Imagine if Moses were to have ignored Allah and signed a pact with the Pharaoh. What would have become of the people of Egypt and the Israelites? How can UMNO expect PAS to work together with it when members of the Syura Council are well aware of Zahid’s betrayal? Has UMNO lost its moral compass to the point that it is not willing to rise up against injustice? Do its leaders expect Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to acquiesce to an UMNO-PAS-PKR coalition purely on the basis that it is an opportunity for PAS to govern?

What would Moses have done?

Do you think that Moses would have signed a pact with Zahid knowing that he submitted to the wishes of the Pharaoh? Do you for a minute think that Hadi would ever consider signing a pact with one who consorts with the enemy of Islam? Would Moses rub shoulders with persons who engage in acts of betrayal and risk destroying a society? Is UMNO not aware of the dictates of Allah, that He loves only those who keep their promises and return the trusts of their owners?

Do what is right.

PAS awaits you.