[Video]: Mahathir may just have told the families of slain Memali victims to “go fly kites”


The 19th of November 1985 Memali Incident was a tragedy that claimed the lives of 14 villagers and several enforcement personnel in the remote village of Memali, Kedah. Though directly responsible for the massacre, Mahathir denied being in the country on the day it happened and shouldered the blame squarely on his then deputy, Musa Hitam. According to him, he put the government directly under Musa’s watch before leaving the country for China.

Musa has refuted the claim.

He categorically denied ever being appointed as acting Prime Minister, pointing out instead that Mahathir was in the country at the time the incident took place. The bombshell expose prompted the DAP’s Lim Kit Siang to call for an RCI into the massacre by citing four reasons why it was absolutely needed and necessary. Today, the same Kit Siang is found standing alongside Mahathir with arms folded and lips sealed as PAS repeatedly demands that the RCI be called.

And as if things couldn’t get any more peculiar, Mahathir now announces – in his usual roundabout manner, of course – that there isn’t a need to apologise to the families of those slain in Memali. Now, tell me, is this the man you want as Prime Minister of Malaysia?