[VIDEO]: Now’s the time for UMNO to fight Mahathir, not run

“Now is the time (for UMNO) to start the perjuangan. Now is the time for the party to fight.

“It’s the opportunity for UMNO MPs to show the Malays that ‘we are there for you, we stand by our former leader who’s being tormented by his mentor… we stand for truth and justice’

“They (the MPs) should stand up against injustice regardless if Mahathir deregisters the party to teach them a lesson or hauls them up to court…fight!”

Raggie Jessy

Change is about to come

UMNO MPs must prove to the Malays that they're able to defend their rights. That's what the perjuangan is all about. If they can't even defend Najib and run out of fear of Mahathir, how can they expect the Malays to trust them?

Posted by Towards GE15 on Sunday, September 23, 2018