[Video]: Should Azmin be blaming UMNO for his brother’s actions?


Watch the video below. Pay attention to Azmin’s oratory skills and body language and note how remarkably consistent – if not similar – they are to those of Anwar Ibrahim.

That having being said, Azmin Ali is accusing UMNO of using his brother, Azwan Ali, to wage attacks against him. The message he is sending the people is that UMNO is hitting below the belt and will stoop to any low just to destroy him. But do you know what? I think Azmin has got it all upside down.

Instead of shifting blame to UMNO, he should ask himself what prompted his own flesh and blood to declare war against him. And that, too, from the turf of the adversary, which in this case, is UMNO. Is his administration of Selangor that vile, immoral and corrupt that his brother saw no alternative but to place patriotism over kin? Is Azwan so insulted by his brother’s lack of moral scruples that he’s willing to work with UMNO to prevent the lustre of Selangor’s throne from being further tarnished?

Yes, is Azwan out to redeem the dignity of the people of Selangor? That, in essence, is what Azmin needs to ask himself.