(Videos inside): Did Stephen Colbert inspire Virginia shooting?

You don’t find CBS or the CNN featuring the President’s address (below) in full, simply because the networks prefer to have Americans believe Trump inspires hate and has done little to fulfil his many campaign pledges

VIRGINIA: There’s a question Americans seriously need to ask themselves – are US television networks fuelling hate crimes against the Trump administration?

Last Wednesday, 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson – a Bernie Sanders supporter – sprayed a hall of bullets at supporters of a congressional baseball practise in Alexandria, Virginia, before the rifle-wielding assailant was taken down by the US Capitol Police.

The attack, which a well-placed source told TTF was premeditated, critically wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and injured four others. According to Trump, Hodgkinson died from injuries sustained when he was shot by the police.

There is no denying the incident may have been fuelled by networks currently on a mission to trigger animosity against the Trump administration through disinformation campaigns guised as entertainment.

At CBS, they’re calling it comedy.

Yesterday, Late Show host Stephen Colbert offered his prayer that everybody would pull through, saying violence of any kind was never justified and was the “last refuge of the incompetent.”

“Thankfully, none of the members of (the republican congressional) staff and police were killed.

“And I will say this – even in the horror of this day, there was reason to take heart in bipartisan responses (such as that offered by House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Speaker Paul Ryan),” the host added.


Ironically, this is the same Stephen Colbert, who, ever since Trump took office, joked repeatedly that the President could never be trusted with the nuclear launch codes, adding that the danger of him (Trump) leaking those codes to Russian President Vladimir Putin was real.

On the show’s 300th episode (a little over a month into Trump’s inauguration), Colbert took aim at the President’s assertion that he wanted to make the US “top of the pack” when it came to nuclear arsenal, fuelling fear that Trump would invite hostility from enemy nations.

“Not sure if he means top dog or leader of the pack, but either way, he’s not the sharpest knife on the Christmas tree,” the host said.

Calling it a “terrifying prospect,” the Late Show host quipped, “It’s like the cold war all over again, but everyone’s on Russia’s side,” an apparent dig at Trump over claims the President had colluded with Russians to rig the 2016 Presidential elections.

Subliminal messaging at its worst?

One can’t deny the prospect, considering that Colbert has been couching such lies on the pretext that they’re all in good faith. Reading between the lines, the host may just as well have said, “You need to destroy the Trump administration at all cost.”

It’s ironic that CBS puts up with Colbert’s nonsense but refuses to feature the President’s address (below) in full.

They won’t, simply because the network prefers to have people like Colbert telling Americans that Trump inspires hate and has done little to fulfil his many campaign pledges.

Well, watch the video and be the judge.



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