Voting is our responsibility, don’t spoil it

Salleh Said Keruak

1. There is this “spoil vote” (#UndiRosak) campaign launched by certain quarters. I see this campaign as irresponsible. It is not good for our democracy and not good for the country. If you want to spoil your vote, ask yourself for what purpose? If we are disappointed with the political party, casting a spoil votes is not the answer. Should we are confused which party to choose, then look for the information. With the ICT facilities available today, you can get the information only with the tip of the finger. Make full use of it.

2. What information should be sought? You can find information about the contesting parties, their leaders, what they are offering and their agendas. Pick the one with the proven track record, which manages better racial harmony, and the one that prioritizes important national issues such as national security, terrorism, poverty, economic development and others.

3. If you are ready, then use the power to choose and exercise your responsibility for the country. Only with this power, the desire to see the improvement and progress of the country can be achieved. Choosing to spoil the votes cannot resolve our political differences. Be an informed voter and cast your vote with a sense of responsibility for the future of the country. It’s time to contribute to our country.