Wake up, you old oaf. TMJ just voiced the contempt Malays harbour against you

TTF: Following (in red) is an open letter to Dr Mahathir Mohamad that I wrote in response to his remarks as reported by The Malay Mail Online (news item below):

Dear Dr Mahathir, 

Don’t kid yourself.

I mean, how on God’s earth is TMJ’s remark ever going to benefit Pakatan Harapan? Because you said so?

Well, you’ve said a million and one things these past five years, none of which have ever come to fruition. It’s like the time you told us that over a million Malaysians would sign your citizen’s declaration. How did that work out?

Did we ever get to see those signatures? If my memory serves me well, you told us that your guys managed to amass 1.2 million signatures ahead of some deadline. If indeed true, why did you not get Clare Rewcastle Brown to publish them? After all, isn’t she all too willing to splash your filth right up to the nooks and corners of Timbuktu and perhaps even the moon? Why, what happened?

Was she having diarrhoea?

You didn’t even have the guts to present the Yang di-Pertuan Agong with those signatures despite squealing in media something about the King refusing to meet you. And when he finally did meet you, all you presented him with was your ageing presence that probably prompted him to carve out a charity smile. And let’s not talk about the million over signatures your minions fabricated after realising that you guys couldn’t even muster 200 ahead of the deadline!

Read TMJ’s statement, for heaven’s sake.


Read between the lines, get your wife to do it for you if you must. Recognise his importuned plea to the rakyat, a plea I assure you wasn’t his alone. It was the manifestation of years of abuse suffered by the Palace of Johor at your hands while you served – and thereafter, looted – the nation as Prime Minister. Wake up, you old fool – the rulers probably want you…you know….

Seriously, I couldn’t give a rats ass what the history books say, but UMNO was born off the aspirations of the late Sultan Sir Ibrahim Al Masyhur of Johor and was instituted in his presence at the Palace. Ibrahim had a vision for the party that, while grounded in aristocratic beliefs, encompassed patriotic self-sacrifice to safeguard the interests of both the Monarchical Institution and the Malays. You and your late Keralan-mixed father had a big problem with that. 

Which is why, you made every effort to destroy the culture of aristocracy within UMNO and had it supplanted with your brand of elitism. You even went to the extremes by destroying Ibrahim’s UMNO in 1988 before having it replaced with your own. Then, once you were sure that everyone around you were yes-men, you went after the rulers by amending the Federal Constitution – twice – to curtail their powers over a simple mistake made by the late Sultan Iskandar of Johor.

Yes, traditional Malay customs aren’t your kind of thing. In your books, when parents make mistakes, their children ought to teach them lessons by chaining their egos to poles. Is that not what you did to our rulers just because Iskandar slapped hockey coach Douglas Gomez in 1992?

Oh yes, I know you.

I know that recalcitrant devil in you, the one who’d slap his own father should the father slap him. I’d recognise that lack of regard for the eminence preferred by the Malays upon our rulers anywhere, eminence a filial son would otherwise have accorded his own father with a deep sense of love and affection. Yes, I know you.

I know it’s all meaningless trivia to you, this cultural ‘bullshxt’ and everything that comes along with it. I know that if you had your way, you’d probably want to be in the shoes of his imperial highness and holiness, the ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, where the only thing that would come between you and the rakyat is the devil that currently works your guile.

Seriously, I know you.


Raggie Jessy a.k.a. The Third Force


KUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad claimed today that Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim’s comments on politics would benefit Pakatan Harapan (PH).

In a report by Malaysiakini, the former prime minister was quoted as saying the royal’s remarks — which appeared to support Barisan Nasional (BN) in the election and criticised Dr Mahathir — would boost PH’s standing among the voters.

“It would affect… in a way that would make Harapan more popular,” he was quoted saying briefly after attending an event in Ampang earlier today.

In a Facebook post on the Johor Southern Tigers page last night, Tunku Ismail launched a thinly-veiled attack on Dr Mahathir, without naming him, and warned Johoreans not to be duped by a “forked-tongue” individual.

He also said changing a country’s fate and improving the system was not by bringing down a government, but by changing it from within.

However, the top comments on the Facebook post disagreed with the Johor crown prince, with Malaysians saying they were suffering and they would vote against BN

Source: The Malay Mail Online



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