Was Najib’s house so big that a four-day raid was necessary?

Dato’ Lokman Adam

Yes, how big is DSN’s house, exactly?

“Is it really necessary to raid Najib’s private house for 4 days straight?

Police came on Wednesday night at 11am on the eve of Ramdan and continued until 5pm. They resumed early Thursday morning at 8am and continued until the nigh. Then they came again on Friday morning and left in the evening.

On Saturday 9am, they continued to raid.

How big is the house exactly that requires 4 days and counting of raids that require up to 60 police officers?

For all the accusations against Najib, his family and sons do not own public listed companies, was not awarded any govt contracts or concessions, does not own private jets, does not buy yacht for his grandchildren or sports-cars that cost tens of millions.

Najib was a tireless Prime Minister who did good too by embarking on a transformation program that benefited tens of millions of Malaysians by doing away with crony capitalism, providing aid to the poorest, unraveling the lop-sided IPP agreements, taking back full control of the highways, provided hundreds of thousands of affordable housing for all as ensuring that Malaysia never entered a recession under him.

He did not throw hundreds of people into jail, raid the homes of former prime ministers or his political opponents in the same manner with 60 police officers and carted away luxury goods from them. He did not declare martial law or invoke the NSC act even though he had known he had lost GE14 and handed over power graciously and peacefully.


You may have defeated your political opponent but don’t overdo the vendetta until your opponent is physically broken. That is pure evil.”



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