Waytha should become PM. He can then tell Malay-Muslims to fly kites

TTF: Look at how commendable this SW Ramaji is (see news item below).

He apologised to the family of Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim over claims that the late fireman was hit by a fire truck.

Waytha, however, feels that he is untouchable and need not apologise despite it being his fault that Adib died.

It was he who lied about the police arriving late to the temple after receiving a distress call.

It was he who failed in his capacity as Minister of Unity and Social Wellbeing to reprimand Ganabatirau for putting the riot down as a melee triggered by Malay-Muslims.

It was his actions that escalated tensions leading to Adib’s untimely death.

Yet, his Hindraf accused us Malay-Muslims of stoking racial tensions just because we sought his resignation.

Even Mahathir is afraid to touch him.

Perhaps the Prime Minister should resign with immediate effect and let him take over the top job. 

Perhaps we need an Indian-Hindu Prime Minister from Hindraf to tell the Malay-Muslims to go fly kites.

PETALING JAYA: Save Seafield Mariamman Task Force chairman SW Ramaji has apologised to the family of the late fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim for making unverified claims about the latter’s possible cause of injury that eventually led to his death.

Ramaji said it was not his intention to hurt Muhammad Adib’s family members, friends or anyone else when he told the press on Nov 28 that the fireman was hit by a fire engine, instead of being attacked, during the riot.

He said someone had shared a video clip of a fire engine backing up into a van, with a fireman being present at the time, which led him to assume that the person could have been Muhammad Adib.

“That is why I asked the police to include the truck video in their investigations.

“I haven’t the slightest intention to cause hurt or more grief to Adib’s family, friends or anyone.

“If I had hurt them in any way, I apologise unreservedly as they have lost a family member who is dear to them,” Ramaji said, adding he joined the whole country in mourning over the passing of Muhammad Adib.

“I am also deeply saddened and embarrassed over the incident, which should not have happened in the first place.

“Thank you Adib for your service to fellow Malaysians. You were really a good man and I will keep you in my prayers,” he said.

Yesterday, a large group of Muslims held a protest in Putrajaya to demand that Ramaji apologised for his claims.


The group also called on Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Unity) P. Waytha Moorthy, Human Resource Minister M. Kulasegaran and Selangor State Executive Councilor V. Ganabatirau to step down from all government positions as a sign for being responsible over the riot that claimed the fireman’s life.

Source: NST Online

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