We miss you, Matthias Chang

Raggie Jessy

Where are you hiding, my dear Matty?

What have you been doing all this time?

Are you taking refuge behind the yellow Moon?

Or beneath the corals of the deepest sea?


Where can I find you, my dear Matty?

It’s been a while since we heard your quacks.

Are you afraid you will be mocked by me?

Or are you simply preparing for your next act?


Why the silence, oh dear Matty?

Your dear friends at the grapevine are already whispering.

Some insist that you’re quite the quack,

Others maintain that it’s all part of an act.


Please, give us a shoutout, oh dear Matty,

We need to know you’re doing fine,

Even if it is a quack and a quack quack quack,

Anything, as long as it’s a quacky line!