What is “When Finances Recover?”

Pakatan Supporter who believed…

Malaysians were suddenly told that our national debt suddenly increased to RM1 trillion. We hailed them as being honest and transparent when they did this.

We were then told that because of this “surprise” debt, many of the manifesto promises which made us give our votes to the Pakatan Harapan Govt cannot be delivered right now.

We were then told that they still intend to deliver these promises “when finances recover”.

We don’t want to keep hearing this “when finances recover. when finances recover” again and again without understanding what this means.

So, what is the meaning of “when finances recover” and when can we expect this to happen? 1 year? 5 years? 20 years?

In the same spirit of honesty and transparency, can PM and finance minister LGE tell us how do we achieve this “when finances recover” instead of being vague?

Does it mean when we run a budget surplus instead of a deficit? Or our debts reduce to zero or to RM500 billion instead of RM1 trillion? Be specific.

And can you at least tell us what kind of time-frame we are looking at? Give us your best guess.

That is only fair don’t you agree?

Any other reply can only mean that you have cheated us.Don’t think we won’t remember or take being cheated lightly.