When religion is more trouble than good

Yes, the only reason you believe is because you have been brainwashed. And then you whack me when I question your beliefs. And when I ask you to prove that God exists you ask me to instead prove that God does not exist. It is you who insists that God exists so the person making that claim must do the proving, not the other way around.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

My article ‘The Perlis Mufti Should Talk About More Important Things’ (READ HERE) has attracted many very angry responses from Muslims — most which were not published because they just repeated the same thing that so many others have already said. Muslims, just like Christians and all those who believe in God and religions, hate it when their beliefs are questioned.

But why get angry when someone questions your beliefs? Why not just reply with valid and credible  arguments? Debate that person who questions your beliefs. Prove that person wrong. Why whack that person and accuse him or her of all sorts of things and call him or her all sorts of names? Instead of calling me a pig, dog, atheist, kafir, murtad, jahil, sesat, etc., just counter my arguments with better arguments of your own.

The long and short of it is Malaysians do not have debating skills, they do not really know the subject matter in enough depth, they hate reading and do not read enough, they stopped learning the day they left school, what they know is based on hearsay and rumours, they hate being told they are wrong, and disagreements or differing views are considered an act of hostility and not an academic exercise.

If everyone believed in God but did not have any religion the world will be a far better and more peaceful place. It is because of religions we hate and kill one another. People have been killed in the name of God and religion long before recorded history. In fact, the Old Testament is a very violent book and is full of stories about killing infidels and disbelievers in the name of God. If you think Islam and Hudud are violent then read the books of the Old Testament and see what God really wants you to do…kill, kill and kill.

Realising this, Christians (or Christian apologists) try to convince us that Jesus came to change all this and that Christianity is a religion of peace and love, not of war and killings. But that is not true and Christians are living in denial.

In fact, Christianity itself is not an invention of Jesus. Jesus was a Jew and a reformist. His mission was to reform Judaism and restore the original teachings of Judaism where religious institutions and priesthoods do not exist. Jesus was opposed to the system and that was why the system wanted to get rid of him. He was a threat to the religious hierarchy that had taken over the religion and shaped it into the form where it could dominate and control the people.

In short, Judaism had become an oppressive and repressive system and the people in that system were slaves of the system. Judaism had become a form of slavery and Jesus wanted to free the Jews from the clutches of religion, meaning also from the clutches of the system or religious hierarchy.


More importantly, Jesus was not interested in spreading any religion. He just wanted to save the Jews from their own ignorance and deviation from the true teachings of Judaism. It was Saul who wanted to spread Christianity to the gentiles (non-Jews). And that was why Saul clashed with Peter and James who felt that Saul was deviating from what Jesus had intended (especially when Saul wanted to allow gentiles to become Christians without having to circumcise and still being allowed to eat pork).

The fact that Saul was a Roman citizen spared him or else they would have killed him. Even then Saul, who took up the ‘Christian’ name of Paul, had to run away to the safety of Rome or else he would have been killed. Later Paul was killed anyway, together with Peter who had also gone to Rome. Being a Roman citizen Paul was beheaded while Peter was crucified, a more painful way to die.

My opinion, after a long study of the history of Christianity these last seven years, is that it was Paul and not Jesus who founded Christianity and that Peter and James were against it. But it was not until more than 300 years later that Christianity was institutionalised and became the official religion during the time of the Emperor Constantine who was a pagan and never became a Christian himself (although some say he converted to Christianity on his death bed).




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