When united Malaysia marches to the ballot box

Manshel Kaur

The 14th general election (GE14) is drawing near.

As we all know, voter sentiments and temperatures are soaring in all directions and proportions as Malaysians defend their preferred candidates and the virtues they represent. But there needs to be calm.

Remember, no amount of campaigning should come at the expense of the peace and harmony we enjoy as a race. Malaysians ought to take a step back, reflect on their mannerisms, and go to the front as a civilised flock. Then, when the election results are out, it is our duty as responsible citizens to accept whichever pact that comes to power in the spirit of unity.

Voting is a very important thing. It provides the people an opportunity to put in place a government that’s representative of the collective conscience. Every vote counts, as does yours and mine. As citizens, it is our duty to cast ballots to ensure that the final vote count is reflective of civil Malaysia.

Let us not succumb to dirty politicking just to character assassinate a candidate we’re opposed to. Let us also remember to weigh in the repercussions of having a given candidate in government by tracing through his (or her) track record. If it’s a new face we’re talking about, make it a point to hear him (or her) out and decide if or not his (or her) aspirations meet yours.

But whatever you do, keep it sane.

It is absolutely important for us to reflect on circumstances rationally and not with frustration or fury. A knee-jerk decision more often than not begets frustration as it dawns upon you the mistake you may have made. Such mistakes can only be corrected in the next five years, which is the likely timeframe before the next election is announced.

So let us all head to the voting booths this coming 9th of May 2018 as a civil society to decide who it is we want to see out there, lending our voice the much needed momentum. And while you’re out there, remember, there is never a cause so just that one should uproot the spirit of democracy just to uphold it. Unruliness is for the anarchists, while we, Malaysians, are a peace-loving lot who’re going to have our say without compromising the essence of unity and harmony that so beautifully defines our one and only Malaysia.




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