Who is the bigger evil, Mahathir or Najib?

Only idiots like the Dapsters and Pakatuns would support Mahathir and Anwar and trust them. Do you think Mahathir would today head Pakatan Harapan if his son, Mukhriz, had won the Umno Vice Presidency in 2013 and was made the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia? If Mukhriz had won in 2013 today Mahathir would be condemning DAP and Anwar. But he supports DAP and Anwar because Najib did not help his son. It is so simple it is mind-boggling that the Dapsters and Pakatuns cannot see this.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

“It’s just that today’s political landscape requires all of them to work together, to fight the greater evil, the BN-led government,” said Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad of PKR.

Nik Nazmi added, “I’m sure a lot of us, when we were fighting in 1998, couldn’t imagine that happening. But now, the scenario is that we are facing Najib. So all of us across the board have to work together.”

The truth is in 1998 Nik Nazmi was still in school and does not know what happened back then and what many of us had to endure. The six years Road to Reformasi when we finally saw Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad leave the premiership on 1st November 2003 and Anwar Ibrahim’s release from jail ten months later on 2nd September 2004 were a tough six years (and in all that time Nik Nazmi was still in school).

After that six years of trouble, toil and turmoil, the first thing that Anwar did on being released from jail was to negotiate with Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for his return to Umno. Mudder-fooker! Can you imagine that? After all that sacrifice and suffering Anwar wanted to go back to Umno hoping that he could take back his post of Deputy Prime Minister and then succeed Abdullah as Prime Minister.

Abdullah brought this matter to the Umno Supreme Council to discuss and the Supreme Council Members were appalled. They told Abdullah if he brings Anwar back to Umno then he faces the risk of getting ousted. Abdullah then told Anwar the Umno Supreme Council is blocking his return to Umno but if he can get Mahathir to agree to it then he would try to convince the Umno Supreme Council. But Anwar’s return to Umno lies in Mahathir’s hands so he must work on Mahathir and get the old man to agree.


Umno Youth Leader Khairy Jamaluddin knows this because he and Ezam Mohd Nor (the ex-PKR Youth Leader) were working behind the scenes to try to get Anwar allowed back into Umno.

Yes, in 2004 Anwar Ibrahim tried to pull off the biggest con of the century but failed because Mahathir was against it. If not, today, if Mahathir had not opposed it, Anwar would be the Umno President and the Umno Prime Minister of Malaysia. So, all those Dapsters and Pakatuns who are screaming ABU (Anything But Umno), you are proof that lower life forms in the shape of humans do exist.

So, Nik Nazmi, go back to school. There are still many things you need to learn about what happened from 1998 to 2004 when you were in school and not yet in PKR.




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