Why are you PH-ians so spooked?

Datin Hasnah Rahman

Don’t you guys get it? You have won. Your leaders are the government now.

You’ve got your PM, your Ministers, your head of GLCs.

Basically you are now getting rid of everything we held dear. You are trying to rob us of our dignity, the people we can rely on, our Royals, our race and our religion. Because you know that decent Malays are generally non-confrontational, guided by our Muslim spirit for being patient and leaving it to Allah.

But not you guys.

Those hate messages, the dire warnings, the making fun of our leaders, all viraled via group WhatsApp and WeChats, right through the day after the swearing in, cursing the Agung, showing to the world what low-lifes you are.

And then you became quiet, because this task was then taken over by your FM who sometimes seems to forget that he is no longer with the Opposition, he is the government now.

But now you guys are back at it, sending these messages, recycling old ones and basically, reminding your supporters that they are not allowed to think for themselves, this is how you should think!

Don’t believe me?

These are only 5 messages we have been receiving through the WhatsApp groups, mostly residents group, alumni groups, and just friends.


There are plenty more, I tell you. And with even worse messages. But suffice to say, they reflect an unhealthy trend.

You judge for yourself and tell me that these are normal day to day correspondence between friends.