Why Azmin must die

Azmin has already demonstrated he is not too happy with Pakatan Harapan’s choice of interim Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. So, he needs to be controlled. And if he cannot be controlled he needs to be taken out. And that was the reason for last week’s ‘revelations’ regarding Azmin’s scandals. And who has the most to lose with Azmin’s dissension? That is the door the path will lead to.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Last week, two ‘exclusive’ articles regarding Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali’s scandals ‘exploded’.

Dari Halal Ke Haram: Skandal Azmin Ali Bersama Wartawan Rakyat Post Qurnisha Hamka Dan Lain Lagi

Asalkan Bukan Shamsidar: 7 Wanita Gelap Azmin Ali

These are actually old stories and many people are already aware of them. So why were these stories suddenly resurrected and published two days apart? And is it a coincidence that they were published around the time Azmin made snide remarks regarding Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s nomination as Pakatan Harapan’s interim Prime Minister and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as his Deputy Prime Minister?

Those who personally know Azmin and who are familiar with his style will know that his ‘endorsement’ of Mahathir as the only person qualified to become Pakatan Harapan’s Prime Minister plus the offer for Mahathir to contest the Gombak parliament seat is what the Malays would call menganjing. And Mahathir, of all people, the ‘King of Menganjing’, knows a good menganjing when he sees one.

So, is this a warning shot at Azmin to behave and if he does not then more scandals will be exposed after this? And was this warning shot from Mahathir and/or his boys?


Mahathir’s fingerprints are all over the place. After all, Mahathir has done this before in 1998 when he got Khairuddin Abu Hassan to come out with the ’50 Dalil’ book that eventually brought Anwar down. Mahathir also got Khairuddin to lodge a police report against 1MDB in December 2014, and to go to the US to meet the DoJ. And now he got Khairuddin to attack Azmin. This is definitely vintage Mahathir and his way of doing things.

The problem is one should not use the same strategy so many times. It is silly to apply the same strategy against Azmin that was used 20 years ago against Anwar, and in 2014 against Najib. Because of that it hardly took a week to find out who is behind this attack on Azmin and the reason for the attack.


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