Why does Zaid want young Malays to migrate?

Zaid’s call for young Malays to migrate to a better country does not send the right message to the voters. Zaid seems to be telling Malaysians that never mind who rules the country nothing is going to change. It is still going to be different shit but same smell. Hmm…that is not a very good endorsement for Pakatan Harapan, is it?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The grass is always greener on the other side, they always say. That to a certain extent is true when you contemplate the person you married. What if I had married my first girlfriend, or the second one, or the third one, or any of the first 10 girls who crossed my path before I married my wife who I met 10 girls later?

Anyway, Zaid Ibrahim’s call for young Malays to migrate, preferably to London, smacks of the grass appearing greener on the other side. And the fact that Zaid has a home in London and he spends a lot of time in the UK makes that advice weird considering if you know London that would be the last place you would want to live.

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I mean, no Englishman or woman would want to live in London. It is a city of foreigners and some parts of London make you feel like you are in Jeddah, Lahore or Madras. Even the pickpockets on the London underground are no longer students of Fagin but gypsies from Romania. And if you throw a stone into the air nine out of ten times it will hit someone who English is not their first language.

That is one reason why I voted Brexit (may the Lord have mercy on my soul). I mean there are just too many frigging foreigners in the UK it takes the fun out of living here. Even in Manchester and Liverpool no one speaks English. It is like going to Tumpat in Kelantan and trying to communicate with a local there. Amenda demo kechek. Tak pahe sepatah hare.


You need to live here to appreciate Malaysia. This country is so liberal and respects civil rights that ten-year-old kids can kick footballs onto your recently-purchased car and there is nothing you can do about it. If you scream at those kids you can get arrested for harassment. If you touch any of those kids even with just one finger you will be arrested as a paedophile. If they are your own kids and you rotan them you will be arrested and your children will be taken away from you and will be sent to a welfare home. Ten-year-old kids can scream at you and call you a MF-CS and there is nothing you can do about it. But if you scream back at them you will be arrested for whatever law they decide you have broken.

Take the example of Clare Rewcastle Brown. She writes the nastiest of things about Malaysia, Umno, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Rosmah Mansor, etc., and says this is what people are talking, according to those in the know, what she suspects, documents she sighted but which she cannot reveal, and so on. But if you say anything about her, even when it is true, she can report you to the police and the police will be on your doorstep to threaten you to stop writing about her because it is causing her stress and anxiety.

In Malaysia, when the DAP Chinese say Singapore is better because it is run by Chinese, you can tell them then leave Malaysia and go live in Singapore. In the UK, when a Pakistani says Pakistan is better than the UK, you cannot tell them to then leave the UK and go back to Pakistan. You will get arrested for that. All they need to do in the UK is to scream racism and you are in deep shit. Malaysia allows racial slurs and the general elections are lost or won based purely on race and religion. That is why DAP wins many seats — because racial slurs are allowed in Malaysia — while in the UK parties like DAP would be considered as racist-pariah parties.

Pakatan Harapan says Malaysia is going bankrupt and Malaysians will believe it. In the UK you will need to prove that statement or else no one will believe it. So, if you are in the business of lies and slander, then Malaysia is a far better place. You can spin tall stories and Malaysians will swallow all that crap while in the UK that would be very difficult. So, for parties like Pakatan Harapan, Malaysia — which has a high level of ignorant, naive and gullible people — is definitely far better than the UK. Susah nak tipu Mat Salleh tapi senang tipu rakyat Malaysia.

In the UK, only 760,000 people go to church on Sundays. That is slightly over 10% of the population. One-third of British do not believe in God while more people believe in ghosts than they do in God. There are more people who do not have any religion compared to those who do (so many believe in God but not in religion). One Malaysian Christian, a Chinese, said that the UK is a godless society. Hence if you still believe in nonsense such as the Bible, Jesus, and so on, then Malaysia is a far better place than the UK. In the UK, you church-going-bible-thumpers would be seen as brain-dead people.




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