Why is raw water sold at 3 sen to Singapore? Because Mahathir screwed up bad in 1987

Lim Sian See

Singapore Foreign Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam told the Singapore Parliament that Malaysia had lost its right to review the price of raw water sold to the republic since it chose not to do so in 1987.

He said this was decided in the 1962 Water Agreement between the two countries.

“Singapore’s position is that Malaysia has lost its right to review the water prices. The Water Agreement provided for the review after 25 years. Specifically, there was a right to review the price of water jointly in 1987,” he said.

“However, Malaysia consciously chose not to review the price.”

“This is no ordinary agreement. It was guaranteed by both the governments in the Separation Agreement in 1965, which was registered at with United Nations. Both countries have to honour the Water Agreement and the guarantee in the Separation Agreement,”

He said the then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had said in 2002 that Malaysia did not revise the water pricing when it was due because they thought Singapore would also revise its price of treated water.

Oh.. Mahathir “thought”? He assumed?

However, Singapore didn’t revise its price of treated water and Malaysia lost the chance to raise the water price to Singapore and now we have to continue selling the water at the same 3 sen per 1,000 gallon price until the year 2061.

Thanks to you, we lost our one and only chance to review the prices as per the 100 years agreement because someone “thought” or “assumed”.

Thank you Mahathir, because you lost us tens and tens of billions or even RM100 billion in revenues for the next 75 years. A colossal mistake that menyusahkan generasi2 akan datang.

Now, Singapore laughs at us…



Malaysia lost its right to review price of water – Singapore

Source: Lim Sian See