Why target only Mahathir and not also Anwar?

“Kua was only half-right about his views and comments on Mahathir. He would be 100% right if he had included Mahathir’s sidekick, Anwar, in his views and comments. When Operasi Lalang was launched Anwar did not oppose it. He did not protest. He did not speak out against it. In fact, he justified it and defended it”


Raja Petra Kamarudin

“Opposition politicians who readily tout Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to be prime minister again despite his spotty human rights record are akin to ‘walking dead democrats’,” said ex-DAP leader and Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) adviser, Kua Kia Soong (READ HERE:Supporters of unapologetic Dr M just ‘walking dead democrats,’ says Suaram adviser’).

Kua went on to say:

“To me, democrats who want a former autocrat — some call dictator, while some say autocrat — to be a prime minister again at the age of 90, it’s not because of his age, but because of his rapport.

“We certainly want Dr Mahathir to apologise or to show remorse, and actually for a former prime minister of so many years, I would expect a detailed analysis by him, of the events and the circumstances that led to the arrest and detention of more than a 106 people including myself.

“You are responsible for what you have done and you need to atone for it somehow. The atonement is very simple. We are asking for an apology, show remorse and show a detailed analysis of what went before. I don’t think the judiciary has really recovered since then, and this is what he has to atone for.”


Kua, as is typical of most DAP leaders and supporters, talk about Mahathir’s past deeds or misdeeds (even though, since Mahathir recently joined the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan, DAP no longer talks about Mahathir’s past deeds or misdeeds). Take the Operasi Lalang matter that Kua mentioned as one example. Anwar Ibrahim was very much involved in that scandal (and in fact actually triggered the whole thing) and yet Kua and all his friends in DAP never talk about that.

It was Anwar, in the first place, who triggered the whole controversy that resulted in Operasi Lalang. But why is Kua only attacking Mahathir and not Anwar as well? Has Anwar ever admitted his involvement? Has Anwar ever shown remorse? Has Anwar ever apologised for Operasi Lalang? So why does Kua want Mahathir to confess, show remorse and apologise but Anwar need not also do the same?

Now that DAP is sucking up to Mahathir, Kua gets upset. However, back in 1998 when DAP sucked up to Anwar, Kua had no problems with that. Mahathir and Anwar were like Bonnie and Clyde. So you do not punish Bonnie while sparing Clyde. Both need to be punished. But then DAP has two sets of rules, one for their friends and another for their enemies. And once an enemy becomes a friend, like Mahathir did, you also spare him as well.




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