Will Azmin do what is right and censure Mahathir over racist slur?

TTF: The onus is now for Azmin to prove if he is loyal to The Sultan of Selangor. Back in 2014, PKR committed democratic thievery by fabricating evidence against the then Menteri Besar. When the Sultan intervened, top party leaders and even Lim Kit Siang insulted the palace by telling His Royal Highness to stay out. To this day, neither faction has apologised to the ruler. Will Azmin now do what is necessary to redeem his party’s dignity or is he going to sanction Mahathir’s slur by keeping mum?

TANJONG KARANG:  The Selangor state government has been challenged to take firm action against Pakatan Harapan chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for rousing the ire of the Sultan of Selangor following his statement which insulted the Bugis community.

Selangor UMNO Liaison Committee chairman Tan Sri Noh Omar said the state government under Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali must dare to act firmly against Dr Mahathir to protect the dignity of the Sultan of Selangor and the people in the state.

“The state government must be sensitive over the issue which has angered the sultan. If it dares, the state government can ban Tun Dr Mahathir from giving ceramah (talks) in Selangor. It can be done by issuing an official letter to the police to stop issuing any permit for his political ceramah.

“Mohamed Azmin became menteri besar at the behest of the Sultan of Selangor. So he must look after the feelings of the Sultan of Selangor over that of Dr Mahathir’s,” he said when met after handing over essential items to seven bedridden senior citizens in Kampung Raja Musa in Bestari Jaya here today.

Noh added that he was sure Dr Mahathir would not issue any apology on the statement that he made at a gathering organised by the opposition on Oct 14.

“Dr Mahathir Mohamad is an egoistic person, he will not apologise,” he said.

Yesterday, Selangor Council of the Royal Court secretary Hanafisah Jais, in a statement said Sultan Sharafuddin viewed seriously, was angry and very disappointed with the statement of Dr Mahathir who was seen as seeking to instigate the people of Malaysia to hate, insult and view negatively the Bugis community.

He said based on the video recording of the speech which went viral on social media, the Sultan of Selangor regarded the accusations and the remarks by Dr Mahathir clearly insulted and grouped the Bugis as purportedly originally being pirates.


The matter also received a reaction from Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla who admitted he was offended and felt insulted.

Several parties representing the Bugis community in Malaysia prior to this also demanded that Dr Mahathir tender an open apology.

Source: Bernama



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