Will the real Top Dog please stand up?


TTF: The Malaysian Observer is on to something (see below).

They’re suggesting that Lim Kit Siang is taking Mahathir for a ride. That, in essence, is the truth. Yesterday, TTF revealed that the senior Lim paid Khairuddin Abu Hassan RM5 million to rally PPBM leaders against Muhyiddin and promised the sacked Batu Kawan UMNO leader another RM5 million in the event he succeeded in getting Mahathir’s detractors within the party to call for an EGM (READ HERE AND HERE).

As a result, there are now branches and divisions alligned with Khairuddin that are refusing to conduct AGMs. The longer they wait, the bigger the problem the party will have with the RoS. The leaders of those branches and divisions will only conduct AGMs if Mahathir agrees to sack Muhyiddin or remove him from the post of party president.

But should Mahathir do that, he will face a serious backlash, as branches and divisions aligned with Muhyiddin are ready to call for an EGM to determine Mahathir’s fate in the party. If, on the other hand, Mahathir were to keep Muhyiddin, the party will not be able to conduct its AGM and risks being deregistered by the RoS.

Either way, Kit Siang wins.

The Malaysian Observer

While DAP-led Pakatan Harapan may have their ‘top dog’ and running dogs, it is only their de facto leader Lim Kit Siang, who can say to the Pakatan coalition; who’s your daddy!

Those so called coalition partners may not like it, but they know when all is said and done; it is Lim Kit Siang who calls the plays.


On Lim Kit Siang’s part, he is shrewd enough to allow his Pakatan Harapan partners believe that they have a voice in matters of importance or that they have generated an idea or two.

In that respect Lim Kit Siang operates much like a daddy fox that allows his ‘kits’ (baby foxes) to play with his tail. The daddy fox wiggles the tail around so that little kits can chase and even on occasion catch it.  The young kits whelp with elation thinking that they are in control; but in reality it is the daddy fox who decides who is in control of the game.

So Lim Kit Siang makes a suggestion here and there or even makes a statement that he wants one of his happy kits (so called coalition partners) to pounce on as if it is his or her idea.  Lim Kit Siang is happy because his kits are happy and he gets the execution which he needs from them

That is why Lim Kit Siang wanted Datuk Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to become Prime Minister.  He knows that she would be the perfect Manchurian Candidate.


All Lim Kit Siang would have to do is make a suggestion and then tie that suggestion to an ideal of how it would help her husband.  Then by the time there is a press conference; she (Wan Azizah) would believe that she came up with the thought.

But even with Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail removed from any serious conversation for becoming Prime Minister, Lim Kit Siang still knows that he is the daddy fox for the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan opposition; what he says goes and what he wants he gets.

So for Lim Kit Siang there was no problem allowing Tun Mahathir to believe that he is the ‘top dog’; which is laughable seeing how Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) is the smallest party in the coalition and its newest add on.

But there again, Lim Kit Siang knew just how to play Tun Mahathir.  All he needed to do is play to Mahathir’s ego.  He knew Tum Mahathir would be more cooperative if his ego were exercised and he became chairman.   So Lim Kit Siang allowed Tun Mahathir to believe he caught the tail (top post), but it was Lim Kit Siang who decided that he should get it.

Yes, there may have been RM1 Billion paid for the chairman’s post and as well as an easy seat for Mukhriz to contest in the 14th general election (GE14), but without Lim Kit Siang’s approval any deal would fall through.


That’s why Lim Kit Siang can say to Tun Mahathir and the rest of Pakatan; who’s your daddy!

Source: The Malaysian Observer



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