Will Tony Pua now apologise to Rosmah for defaming her?

Jae Senn

So, it’s confirmed that there was no purchase of a pink diamond. But the damage has been done, thanks to Zunar and Tony Pua. Will they apologize to Rosmah? Will Rosmah sue them?

It is now established that Tony Pua defamed the wife of former Malaysian premier Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. Source (pic): Jae Senn

You see, it’s news like these that are causing the shift in perception among those who are not trapped in the Pakatan echo-chamber. 

Before GE14, they said Rosmah bought jewelry with stolen 1MDB money. After GE14, they now confirm that the agent merely brought the jewelry into the country for viewing, and took them out again.

Before GE14, they said Najib’s tale of the RM2.6 billion donation was a lie, despite Najib presenting documentary evidence that he had received political donations from the royal house of Saud via Tanore, and that he even returned the balance of the unused funds. Nobody believe it and continued accusing him of stealing billions.


RM2.6 billion: The untold truth (Part 1)

Mahathir takut dedahkan laporan CEP kerana ingin lindungi Zeti Akhtar Aziz dan Shukri Abdull

After GE14, when they finally came up with charges against him, his AMLA charge ended up including RM2.08 billion received from Tanore, as well as RM2.035 billion *returned* back to Tanore. What Najib claimed before GE14 turns out to be true after all.


In the past week, the Inland Revenue Board said that donations are taxable on a case-by-case basis although foreign-derived income are non-taxable, and said that the political donation that Najib received may be taxable.

So, now it’s a political donation, and no longer stolen money?

With the way things are playing out, it’s quite plain to see why the Malay heartland is increasingly convinced that Najib was a victim of slander and lies. They view these contradictory revelations to be evidence of ‘fitnah’ against Najib. 

Occasionally when you look at the comments sections of our mainstream dailies’ Facebook pages, you can also see the comments from the non-Malays split right down the middle, with some people still parroting Lim Kit Siang’s “kleptocracy” accusations while others would question about the U-turns and apparent vindication of Najib. 

While we do know that Pakatan has been losing the War of Perception since late last year, such revelations that contradict their earlier accusations are just giving the Opposition a bigger victory margin in this war.

Many people are cheering on the tireless check-and-balance work that is being done by people like DS Dr. Wee Ka Siong, while those who do not understand democracy and civil society, with their unsurprisingly uncivilized and unenlightened brains, can only say that Dr. Wee should stop “barking” because “BN has lost” and let the new government do their job. 

On the whole, it would appear that Barisan stands a chance to go back to basics, mend their ways, and come back stronger and more effective. They are already a better Opposition than Pakatan ever was in the past 10 years or more. The public perception has gradually shifted to be less hostile towards them. 

DS Najib’s and DS Dr. Wee’s social media posts draw many times more attention and likes than those of their opponents in Pakatan. Their camp seems to be drawing stronger and stronger support on the ground in the recent by-elections and also in the current Rantau by-election. 

With this news about the “pink diamond” slander being published on the Pakatan-friendly Malaysiakini, no less, it might probably be used as ammunition against the Pakatan leadership throughout this week in Rantau.

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