Yes, Anwar may be in discussions with Muhyiddin

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Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

بنر، انور موڠين سداڠ بربينچڠ دڠن محي الدين

For months now, I have been speaking of a secret alliance between Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

At the onset, it was said that such an alliance could not exist as Najib was completely opposed to Anwar and was not on good terms with Zahid.

But today, people are telling me that I was speaking the truth, that the alliance does exist.

Today, they agree that Najib and Zahid are supported only by five other Members of Parliament and less than 15 per cent UMNO divisions.

Anwar is in a similar predicament.

Not many know, he is facing mounting pressure from within PKR itself to stop talking about a tie up with UMNO.

Even the DAP and AMANAH are not 100 per cent with him.

This became evident when he failed to secure Statutory Declarations from all Pakatan Harapan Members of Parliament, with some saying he collected less than 60 in support of his premiership.

So you see, Anwar is not supported by everyone in Pakatan Harapan, while Zahid and Najib are worse off. When the trio meet, they represent themselves, not their parties.


Question is, do they really discuss the possibility of PKR and UMNO working together, or are they planning something else altogether?

According to a source, Zahid got his own people to leak an “audio clip” which is said to be a ‘tiny’ portion of the supreme council meeting in Pahang so that everyone will think UMNO wants to work with PKR and the DAP.

But after the meeting had concluded and many left, Zahid and a small team went somewhere else and discussed something very different, something very secret.

What did they discuss?

Even Anwar is telling everyone that Pakatan Harapan supports a possible tie up with Barisan Nasional and that UMNO is positively with him.

Bloggers and media associated with Perikatan Nasional are humming the same tune, desperately trying to convince everyone that UMNO and the DAP are in cahoots with one another.

But is that not ironical, considering that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is dead against Zahid working with Anwar and wants UMNO to merge with PPBM?

Can you smell something fishy?

At first glance, it all seems weird. But not until you explore the possibility that Anwar is actually in discussions with ‘someone’ from Perikatan Nasional.

Yes, Anwar may be in talks with people in PPBM, and this has more or less been confirmed by three independent sources from UMNO and two others in PKR.

The thing is, Zahid knows that a tie up with PKR and the DAP will cause UMNO to lose too many Malay-Muslim votes should a Third Force bloc suddenly surface (refer article below for detailed analysis)

Terdesak, Muhyiddin mungkin masuk perjanjian dengan Anwar Ibrahim

Zahid knows that the gain in votes from DAP and PKR supporters will never compensate for the loss in Malay-Muslim votes for UMNO.

Besides, the DAP and PKR will themselves suffer huge losses in Chinese and Malay-Muslim votes to a third force should Pakatan Harapan team up with Barisan Nasional.

As for PPBM, UMNO has nothing to gain from the former Pakatan Harapan component party as the level of hatred for Muhyiddin, Datuk Seri Azmin Ali and Perikatan Nasional is sky-high.

It follows, should UMNO suddenly decide to work with Perikatan Nasional, it will suffer a huge backlash, bigger than the one it will suffer due to its failure to find middle ground with PAS via Muafakat Nasional (read article above).

As a matter of fact, the Malays will punish UMNO for bowing to Muhyiddin and Azmin as it is clear that PPBM needs Barisan Nasional’s election machinery to survive a general election, not the other way around.

So the general consensus is that UMNO will never agree to work with PPBM, and working with PKR and the DAP is political suicide. In other words, Zahid and Najib will never succeed in convincing the majority in Barisan Nasional to work with PKR or the DAP.

Yet they keep telling everyone to “hold on” until the upcoming UMNO general assembly before deciding what to do, while Anwar keeps telling his people in PKR that he has a ‘majority’ and that UMNO will agree to work with Pakatan Harapan after the UMNO assembly.

Are they buying time?

Could it be that Anwar is quietly negotiating a “transition agreement” with Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin with Zahid and Najib’s consent?

Muhyiddin is desperate and knows that the state of Emergency has to be lifted sooner or later. His biggest fear is that Barisan Nasional will announce its departure from the government bloc the minute parliament reconvenes.

However, should Anwar suddenly announce that PKR supports Perikatan Nasional and Muhyiddin, several pro-Anwar Members of Parliament from AMANAH and the DAP will follow suit, bringing the total number of MPs in support of Muhyiddin to 40, perhaps even more.

This will more than compensate for the loss in support should Barisan Nasional suddenly pull its support for Perikatan Nasional, especially since eight Members of Parliament from Barisan are already firmly with Muhyiddin.

Najib and Zahid can then tell UMNO Members of Palriament that fighting Perikatan Nasional would be a lost cause as Barisan Nasional can never collapse government.

However, teaming up with Anwar and PKR from “within government” would make UMNO stronger and increase the chances of Barisan Nasional bringing down Muhyiddin after the 15th general election.

Of course, Muhyiddin will know about the secret little plot but wouldn’t mind, as he would have more than enough support to delay the dissolution of parliament, prevent Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad from making a comeback and break PKR and UMNO up, possibly by pitting Azmin against Anwar and Zahid.

And you know what?

There is literally nothing Azmin or PAS can do about it!

For the plan to work, Muhyiddin would have to enter a “power transition agreement” with Anwar and agree to go easy on Najib and Zahid.

But that’s a small risk to take and a small price to pay to stay in power. Should Muhyiddin not enter a deal with Anwar, Perikatan Nasional is as good as gone.

This may be the real reason pro-Muhyiddin bloggers were told to play up the possibility that Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional may work together.

While it is left to be seen if Anwar teams up with Muhyiddin, these bloggers and activists are actually creating a diversion with or without them knowing about it.


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