Yes, there is no such thing as ‘129 MPs’, but something is definitely cooking

“Truth is, everything said and done by every quarter at this point in time serves no purpose whatsoever, as strategy has completely failed the ruling coalition and the ruling coalition has completely failed its strategists”

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

Remember when Pakatan Harapan was about to fall?

Back then, everyone in the (then) ruling coalition was so defensive, they dished out excuse after excuse in the same old rehearsed, scripted tone.

“PH is the only coalition that represents all Malaysians and bla bla bla dot com dot my,” said Lim Guan Eng.

“We are united and will never disband, we will always bla bla bla dot com dot my” said another.

And then, we had Anwar Ibrahim.

“They said 15 from PKR will defect, we checked, it’s not true […] the figure was exaggerated,” he said.

Today, we know that 10 defected and five more are on their way out.

Guan Eng went so far as to call for a press conference, rubbishing claims of a political ‘collaboration’ between Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu), Umno and Pas through Pakatan Nasional as claimed by various quarters.

“The prime minister himself has denied it, and today he confirmed himself that Pakatan Nasional does not exist.


“It is not true, and don’t believe what others say,” he said at a Chinese New Year open house.

Did the collaboration happen?


Was it called Pakatan Nasional?

Close, but no.

Still, the collaboration happened.

So you see, when something isn’t quite right with a ruling coalition, you just leave it to their leaders to talk and put the pieces together.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect these leaders to say, “yes, we’re falling apart. It will be a matter of days before we’re finished.”

Which brings me to my point – you simply cannot evade propaganda and psy-war in politics. Sometimes, it is the only logical “weapon of defence.”

But sometimes also, it turns into a “weapon of mass delusion.”

Take the case of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for example. Previously, because it was his own party that was crumbling, he issued a denial, hence the “weapon of defence.”

But today, Perikatan Nasional may be crumbling due to agreements and negotiations fostered by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his people.

Anwar is well aware that Mahathir has secured the numbers – at least, for now – and knows that his premiership ambition is about to become Bombay toast.

Therefore, to discourage Members of Parliament from teaming up with Mahathir, he got his minions to flood the social media with news that he secured a 129-seat majority in terms of support.

He knows that MPs from PPBM and UMNO will never agree to team up with Mahathir if he is in charge.

So, in a desperate, last ditch manoeuvre, he got his minions to deliver the impression that it is he who will be Prime Minister in the event a new government is formed.

Yes, Anwar actually thinks MPs are fools, hence the “weapon of mass delusion.”

Little does he know, the only effect this is having is to irritate the “fence sitters” in his own party who are now considering leaving PKR just to foil his ‘plan’.

Perhaps that explains Mahathir’s numbers and why he is the only one mum about the so-called 129 MP’s. Perhaps not.

As for the Facebook writers and analysts, I’m witnessing the exact same propaganda played prior to Pakatan Harapan’s downfall, except, in ‘gostan’ mode.

If previously, the argument was that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong had no choice but to entertain any new majority claim, now, the ruler need not do so.

If previously, the Federal Constitution demanded that the Agong re-evaluate the position of a Prime Minister when such a claim is made, now, the ruler need not do so.

So we can just ignore these writers and analysts. As a matter of fact, we can ignore everything, as whatever will be, will be.

Truth is, everything said and done by every quarter at this point in time serves no purpose whatsoever, as strategy has completely failed the ruling coalition and the ruling coalition has completely failed its strategists.

And because Mahathir is faced with a bunch of failed strategists, he doesn’t need to be much of a strategist himself to figure out what needs to be done.

To be continued…


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