You want answers, I’ll give answers

Raggie Jessy

Ever since I wrote an article criticising UMNO some days back, many queried if I am a mole planted by Dr Mahathir Mohamad to weaken the party’s defences or if I’m using reverse psychology to awaken its leaders. Early this morning, I spent a good two hours speaking to a group of UMNO members, activists and representatives from a Malay NGO who came together and requested that I answer some questions.

Among the questions they posed were:

1. Are you a mole planted to destabilise UMNO?

2. Who do you think should lead the country?

3. Have you abandoned UMNO?

4. What are you hoping to accomplish?

5. Who are you representing?

6. Who’s funding you?


7. Why were you desperately seeking Zahid’s resignation as UMNO president?

8. What’s your position on Anwar Ibrahim?

9. Are you for or against Najib.

10. Who are you really? Is your name Raggie Jessy?

11. Are you Muslim?

12. Why does the Malay struggle mean so much to you?

13. Did you have a role to play in UMNO’s defeat during the 14th general election?

The group felt it wise for me to make public my position on these matters as I have gone very public on several related issues. I tend to agree with them on this account and committed to answering their questions through an article due on the 21st of October 2018. In light of this, I hereby invite all members of the public to pose questions you’d like me to answer in the comment section below regardless if you support me or hate my guts.

I assure you, that not only will I be transparent, I shall highlight each and every question posed unless it is meant to insult me. Take heed, though, that I will be very direct my in approach and will employ a no holds barred attitude. Ask only if you have the stomach to digest whatever I have to say and refrain if you think you don’t. Should I feel that the time isn’t right for me to address a particular issue, I will still highlight the question but will make absolutely clear that I’m not willing to answer it.

Rest assured, I am not a mole planted by Dr Mahathir Mohamad to destabilise Barisan or destroy UMNO.

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