Zahid backstabbed Najib before GE14, Nazri has a licence to import alcoholic drinks. They’re now a team

TTF: Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz has declared that he will campaign for PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim in the coming Port Dickson by-election (see news item below).

The impression we’re getting is that Nazri is supportive of a brand new coalition involving UMNO MPs aligned with Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and PKR MPs aligned with Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

And that’s true. 

Nazri IS SUPPORTIVE of a coalition involving UMNO MPs aligned with Zahid and PKR MPs aligned with Anwar, which, if you must know, also involves certain leaders from the MCA and those from the MIC.

What this means, is that Nazri has ditched the Daim-Mahathir camp in favour of the Anwar-Zahid camp which he somehow is convinced will succeed to become the next government.

And yes, in case you’re reading this with your jaw dropped and all, a deal was reached between Zahid and Anwar to put a spoke in Mahathir’s wheel.

But Zahid is at this very moment unaware that he’s being played out by Anwar himself.

How and why he’s being played out is something I will make public in the nearest time possible.

Suffice to say, for the deal to happen, Zahid undertook in an agreement with Anwar even before the 14th general election “to stab Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak in the back” 

And now, he has a supporter in the form of Nazri Aziz, who, via his company, Harrison, owns a licence to import and distribute alcoholic drinks (to be revealed in an upcoming article).

Isn’t Malaysia just a wonderful place to live in?

Welcome to “Malaysia lagi baru” folks!

PETALING JAYA: Umno’s Padang Rengas MP Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz will campaign for PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim in the coming Port Dickson by-election, reported news portal Malaysiakini.

“I’m serious,” he was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini on Thursday (Sept 13).

Nazri said he wanted to campaign for Anwar as he believed that it is what is best for Umno to pave its return into the government.

“I don’t foresee Umno being in government in the near future but there is some common thinking among Umno MPs that we should come back into government as early as possible.

On Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan saying that the party would give Anwar a fight in Port Dickson, Nazri said he was of the view that this was not an Umno decision.

The former Tourism and Culture Minister was also quoted saying that Mohamad, the former Negri Sembilan MB, was “not an MP and does not know what we MPs are planning.”

Nazri, who is currently said to be holidaying in Paris, France, also said that Umno could not win the seat and should let PKR carry on with replacing the seat’s MP.

Nazri would still campaign for Anwar even if Umno contested the seat as he said he wanted to do what was “best for Umno, not for individual interests”.

“I will still campaign for Anwar but this is still speculative (that Umno will contest),” he said, adding that he was prepared to face disciplinary action for his stand.

PKR was the party that the people had chosen, as shown by the past three by-elections, said Nazri.

“There have been three by-elections. MCA, PAS and Umno lost badly, the people did not budge and still rejected those who fought against PKR (and Pakatan Harapan).

“So you have to be close to the people and they want to give PKR a chance,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the Instagram page of @DSAIsupporters, Nazri’s wife Datin Seri Haflin Saiful posted a comment, declaring Nazri’s support for Anwar.

“Greetings from DS Nazri Aziz, Padang Rengas MP who is now in Paris on a vacation, who fully supports the much-anticipated news that DS Anwar Ibrahim will contest in Port Dickson.

“God willing I will return to Malaysia to support and campaign for DS Anwar Ibrahim to ensure his victory.

“Not all Umno members support the statement made by MD Hasan (Mohamad),” Haflin wrote.

Source: The Star Online