Zahid considers teaming up with Muhyiddin, Najib & Anwar in the dark

“Unbeknownst Anwar and Najib, Zahid has warmed up to the possibility of working with Muhyiddin and is open to the idea of UMNO merging with PPBM, with the support of Tan Sri Annuar Musa and two other Members of Parliament from Barisan Nasional”

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

زاهيد ڤرتيمبڠكن كرجاسام دڠن محي الدين، نجيب دان انور تيدق دبريتاهو

Rumours of a strategic manoeuvre involving UMNO presiden Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has put in jeopardy a ceasefire agreement between him and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Initially, Najib had initiated a covert movement within UMNO, led by his ‘secret’ generals, towards ousting Zahid before reclaiming the post of party president and Barisan Nasional chairman which he relinquished soon after the 14th general election.

However, following Zahid’s decision to temporarily hand over said duties to Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, both he and Najib entered a ceasefire agreement with the understanding that Najib would be reinstated as Barisan Nasional chairman and UMNO president prior to the 15th general election.

According to the agreement, Zahid would nominate Najib as candidate for the post of Prime Minister once parliament is dissolved, with the express understanding that the former would be made Deputy Prime Minister before Najib steps down and makes way for Zahid to take over the reins of premiership in two or three years.

Everything was smooth sailing until the Kuala Lumpur High Court found Najib guilty of seven criminal charges and sentenced him to 72 years in jail.

The verdict disrupted plans by Team A (led by Najib and Zahid) to trigger the possible dissolution of parliament, as not only was Najib no longer eligible to contest in the election, Zahid knew that Najib would be a liability to Team A should UMNO not have a ‘replacement’ prime minister candidate.

It was then that Zahid cozied up with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and promised the PKR president, without consulting UMNO members of parliament or the party’s supreme council, that the whole of Barisan Nasional would support the latter’s bid to become Prime Minister.

Najib, whose own men were in discussions with Anwar’s people, agreed to the idea and further suggested that should Anwar’s bid to become prime minister before the 15th general election fail, Barisan Nasional would agree to form a coalition with Pakatan Harapan post GE15 on condition that the two coalitions had enough seats to form government.

Under the circumstances, Anwar would be named Prime Minister candidate and Zahid, his deputy. Convinced that Zahid and Najib could be trusted, Anwar held a press conference and told all and sundry that he had the majority and would present evidence of it to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.


But alas, Anwar had been conned. Two days later, he discovered that the majority in UMNO was dead against him and had not been consulted by Zahid.

Anwar also discovered, that despite his sincerest efforts, he could not get Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Mohamad Sabu and Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub to agree with the idea of Barisan Nasional teaming up with Pakatan Harapan as the DAP and AMANAH were dead against working with Najib, Zahid and the rest of Team A.

One thing led to another before Anwar finally met up with the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong at Istana Negara.

There, not only was he unable to present any evidence whatsoever of the purported majority he claimed to possess, His Royal Highness was forced to advise Anwar to heed the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

This led to yet another Statutory-Declaration-collection-drive prior to the 2021 Budget vote by – you guessed it – Anwar Ibrahim.

However, not only did the drive fail, Anwar failed to surpass the 80 mark, leading him to believe that should the government collapse, either Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad or Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah would be made Prime Minister.

This caused Anwar to push the panic button just as Mahathir stood up to support a bloc vote for the 2021 Budget. That is to say, he instructed all opposition Members of Parliament to reject block voting, leading to immense confusion among DAP and AMANAH leaders who thought the move was pre-empted.

Soon after, I was informed that Anwar had also received instructions from Najib and Zahid, who wanted the bloc vote to fail so as to deliver the impression that Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah did not possess the majority support I claimed they had.

However, unbeknownst Anwar and Najib, Zahid has warmed up to the possibility of working with Muhyiddin and is open to the idea of UMNO merging with PPBM, with the support of Tan Sri Annuar Musa and two other Members of Parliament from Barisan Nasional.

None of this is comes as a surprise to me, as Zahid is known to quietly negotiate with all factions without any one faction knowing that he is dealing with the other, convincing everyone that he is sincere and not one to betray.

To be continued…




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