Zahid, sue me if this article is libellous

Following is an article adapted from The Star Online complete with responses by TTF (in blue):

KUALA TERENGGANU: Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is sticking to his guns in continuing to lead Umno despite calls for him to go on leave.

TTF: Likewise, I am sticking to my guns and will continue to expose his hypocrisy and lies.

“That (going on leave) is not an option for me.

TTF: That is as good as saying that the Majlis Kerja Tertinggi (MKT) is powerless to act against you, which brings to question the level of influence you’re exerting on its members.

“I have decided to continue carrying on the job as president together with the deputy president, vice-presidents, secretary-general and the rest of the leadership including the heads of the wings,” he said

TTF: What you’ve decided or not decided is immaterial insofar as the MKT is concerned, considering that the charges you’re faced with are serious enough to warrant an out-and-out inquiry by the decision making body.

But the fact that the MKT has yet to convene a meeting to seek an explanation from you is highly irregular and somewhat unprecedented.

Perhaps it has to do with the lies you’ve been spreading to UMNO MPs and members of the MKT, lies that I exposed some hours ago via the following piece:

Link: Had it not been for Zahid, Pakatan would have collapsed quite a while back

Note: Do take time to click on the above link and read the article

Speaking to newsmen after addressing Umno members here yesterday, Dr Ahmad Zahid said he was determined not to succumb to pressure.

“I will not bow down to any pressure because that is not an option to me,” he said.

TTF: You’re grossly undermining and misrepresenting those who suggested that you go on leave.

The fact remains, that UMNO youth is at liberty to suggest anything under the sun as long as that suggestion is within the greater interest of the party and in line with its constitution.

It follows, that you simply can’t go around town accusing its leader of pressuring you just because the suggestion he made isn’t to your liking.

As a matter of fact, the youth leader should be commended for having the guts to make that suggestion given the dysfunctional, ‘gangsterish’ and seemingly disproportionate way the MKT is seen to be slanted in your favour.

Umno Youth on Thursday suggested Dr Ahmad Zahid go on leave until his court cases are settled, saying that it would be unfair for him to be burdened with the many duties as party president while facing court cases in the current political climate.

TTF: This is in line with the party constitution.

Dr Ahmad Zahid also sent out a loud message to Umno members that he would serve the full term as president of the party.

TTF: Nonsense.

Only 40 or so of the 191 UMNO divisions handed in form 9 to the RoS within the stipulated timeframe, meaning, the majority of divisions can easily be deregistered.

The party itself violated its constitution on more than one occasion and can easily be dissolved by the RoS at any given moment.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the party will not last very long considering the manner in which Zahid is running it.

He said positions in the party were decided at the general assembly.


TTF: Correct.

But is Zahid implying that a sitting president can never be removed or told to take leave by the MKT?

“Let the general assembly determine the position of an office bearer and not the suggestion (Umno Youth) of others who are not in line with the party’s constitution and rules.

TTF: I dare Zahid to prove how and why the youth was “not in line with the party’s constitution and rules.”

“I have been given the mandate to lead the party which I will until the term ends,” he said.

TFF: Again…nonsense…

Adapted from: The Star Online

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