Zero possibility for kickbacks? You sure?

Dato’ Eric See-To

In the middle of last year, armed with an official letter from the Board of Engineers, we did a press conference to allege that the RM305mil reports cost for the Penang Undersea Tunnel was 400% overpriced. (we still maintain it is 400% overpriced).

After much defending and taichi-ing and after exhausting all possible explanations – many of which is double counting or does not make any sense – the Penang Govt then officially admitted it was only 17% over-priced and not 400% overpriced.

Did they mean 17% overpriced for the full RM305mil – or about RM52mil overpriced?

Or did they mean 17% overpriced for the RM220mil reports ost for the 3 roads that the Penang Govt has already paid fully for?

Well, that is not so bad. Only RM35.5 mil overpriced.

RM35.5mil overpriced is more than the total amount of RM33mil that the Penang govt paid for the one-off RM700 aid to those affected by the worst flood in Penang history last year.

Not to worry, DAP that you have the habit of paying overpriced reports for projects that cannot even start construction.

It’s only RM52mil or RM35.5mil that you threw away to private companies. It’s not even your own money. It’s just the Penang people’s money.


And since it is only 17% overpriced and the overpriced amount is only a mere RM35.5mil to RM52mil (and not RM250mil overpriced as we claimed) then there is zero possibility of kickbacks to any politicians.

Hence those people who were arrested and remanded by MACC, which the media reported as due to overpriced reports (which Lim Guan Eng calls fake news), were all wrongly arrested without any basis at all.

Now, let’s look at the rest of the RM6.34 billion and see where else is overpriced.

Source: Eric See-To



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