Am I Mahathir’s agent? Read at your own risk

Raggie Jessy

On the 17th of October 2018, I spent a good two hours speaking to a group of UMNO members, activists and representatives from a Malay NGO who came together and requested that I answer some questions. The group felt it wise for me to make public my position on several issues as the manner in which I approached these issues was vague. I agreed with them wholeheartedly and committed to addressing their questions on the 21st of October 2018.

However, the minute I opened an invitation to members of public to pose more questions, I was bombarded with so many that I decided to defer the actual date of address. I have thus far accumulated 48 questions, a bulk of them posed by my own friends over cups of coffee in Nasi Kandars. I feel that the time is right for me to start answering these questions lest they accumulate to unmanageable proportions.

So, without further ado, following is part one of a series dedicated to clearing the air on a number of issues. I plan to turn this into an ongoing affair and invite readers to keep the questions flowing. I assure you, that not only will I be transparent with answers, I shall highlight each and every question posed unless it is meant to insult me. Take heed, though, that I will be very direct my in approach and will employ a no holds barred attitude.

So ask only if you have the stomach to digest whatever I say and refrain if you think you don’t.

Note: Some questions are edited while others are added for clarity purposes 

Part 1: It’s time we wise up

1. Are you a Muslim?

Watch the footage below. It’s self-explanatory.

2. Are you a mole planted by Mahathir to destabilise UMNO?

Jason Ng (Penang), Mohd Hassan (Johor), Muthiah (Ipoh), William (Penang), Abd Jalil (Penang), Zuraidah (Kuala Lumpur)

This is among the most stupid of questions that surfaced the minute I criticised Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor. Supporters of Barisan Nasional swear heaven and earth that people on the ‘other side’ are unable to digest truths. Yet, when I present them with truths regarding Rosmah, they refer to me as a “double agent” planted by Mahathir to destabilise UMNO. Can you imagine how stupid it gets?

I no longer see a difference between UMNO supporters and Pakatan supporters. Many tell me that they want the straight dope on everything, Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang included. But when I present them damning information pointing to crimes Rosmah committed, they call me a traitor. Yet, these are the same buggers accusing Pakatan supporters of refusing to accept the truth.

It’s pathetic.

From where I stand, we’re really two peas in a pod, Pakatan and us. We just don’t know it yet. We have equally stupid and corrupt leaders on both sides of the isle who’re too busy pointing fingers at one another. I mean, what do you call a man who’s more concerned about me having been “paid by Mahathir” than working towards a just cause? What would you call the same man if I were to tell you that he’s a member of the UMNO supreme council?

And here we are, all gung ho about Tony Pua being this and that. I think it’s high time we took a good look at ourselves before we decide to point fingers at others.

3. Why is ‘Lobakman’ so concerned about your affairs?

Abd Jalil (Penang)

If I told you the reason, it would jeopardise Najib. So go ask Lobakman.

And while you’re at it, tell him a thing or two about fitnah and why Khairy was probably right about his IQ being that of a carrot. Sadly, that just about sums up the IQs of a significant number of people who only want to hear stories of how “Mahathir looted the nation’s wealth.” As long as I continue painting Mahathir up to be the devil, they’re happy. The minute I tell them that Najib fell because Rosmah screwed things up, they scream. Even Najib screams each time I drop a ‘bomb’ on his wife.

Yet, I defend him.

Contrary to what you may think, I know precisely what to say, when to say it and how to say it. I’m not here to tell you that Mother Teressa was sent by Lucifer to torment all of mankind. But neither am I here to paint Rosmah up to be an angel if I think she’s the devil. I know a thing or two about political expediency and why I’m saying what I’m saying. I also know, that the 15th general election is so far off, that if I were to spend all my energy and time on these matters, I may as well be flogging a dead horse.

So, by the 21st of November 2018, Rosmah will no longer be my concern.

4. Are you saying that Najib’s supporters are wasting time?

Jason Ng (Penang)

A helluva lot of it.

Every time you open your mouth or sit down to write stuff (I’m referring to the Facebook activists), always ask yourself what purpose it serves and to whom is it intended. If you’re criticising Mahathir and (or) government over an inconsistency or a lie, ask yourself if you’re approaching the matter as an activist or a member of a group. At the end of the day, it all boils down to a question of your approach versus your role in the scheme of things.

For instance, if I were to approach an issue with a political mind-set, I’d be better off hashing that issue with a goal and a strategy. I need to be privy of the goings on at all times and ask myself if my actions are worthwhile. Sometimes, an issue is deliberately played up by politicians to keep people like me distracted from the bigger picture. So, apart from asking the right questions, it pays when you’ve been in the game long enough to develop a “political sense” of sorts.

5. You’ve been in the game long enough?

When is enough enough? How big is big? How small is small? Why does the earth revolve around the sun?

6. Ok, fine. So what is a political sense?

You should read the writings of past philosophers and ideologists to appreciate the development of political thought. You have to understand how and why politics affects your consciousness just as much as you’re affecting your politicians. I am affecting politicians one way or the other whether you choose to believe me or not. Not that I look highly upon myself or even these past philosophers, no, but I do agree with Karl Marx, that what one thinks of power, life and self is ultimately the product of political forces.

I am the product of political forces. You are the product of political forces. Even Najib is the product of political forces. The real reason I do what I do is something none of you can fathom and is something I’d like future generations to discuss. But not only do I know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, I have developed a political sense of my own and have the intuition to react in ways that serve to my purpose.

7. But there is a rumour going around saying you are dying.

Jasmine (Kuala Lumpur) 

Everyone is dying.

Studies show that 100% of people who drink water end up dying one way or the other. It follows, that if you believe in principles of scientific research, hypotheses and theory, you should immediately stop drinking water as it will likely kill you.

So stop with all these messages via Facebook asking me if I’m dying. The person who spread the rumour is hoping to jeopardise me. I know who he is.

8. Sometimes, you reveal things that seem to work against strategy. Is that wise?

Farook (Kuala Lumpur), Zulkarnain (Kuala Lumpur)

Whose strategy? Najib’s?

I never was Najib’s strategist. Neither was I one prior to the 14th general election (GE14) nor am I one now. If indeed I am his strategist, nobody ever told me about it. It follows, that if my actions are misconstrued by one to be in conflict with strategy, that person is probably assuming things about me. Never was I paid or asked to be Najib’s strategist. The only reason I defend him is because I care for him and think he was the best Prime Minister we ever had.

But I have my own strategy.

9. What is your strategy?

Zaharulnizam (Kuala Lumpur)

That’s for me to know and for you never to find out.

To be continued…