Anwar will soon be delivered an ultimatum by Mahathir

TTF: If you study Anwar’s history carefully, you’ll notice, that whenever he says he’s good with someone, things are not really that good.

Back in 1997, he repeatedly stressed that he was good with Mahathir, that the latter had agreed to a plan of succession for the government’s top leadership.

Yet, he got kicked right out of government and straight into the cells of Sungai Buloh after being found guilty of corruption and Sodomy.

It was more or less the same thing in 2014, albeit with a twist.

Back then, Anwar swore heaven and earth that he was on good terms with the then Menteri Besar (MB) of Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

However, some weeks after his wife, Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, won the Kajang by-election, he went straight for Khalid’s jugular by alleging that the MB was unfit to hold office.

Therein the twist:

In 1998, the person Anwar was against gave him the sack.

In 2014, it was the person who Anwar was against that got the sack.

And today, we’re been hearing Anwar say over and over again that “there is no issue whatsoever” between him and Mahathir.

So what will it be?

Will it be 2014 all over again, with Mahathir being deposed from government, or will we see a repeat of 1998, with Anwar finding himself without a party?

Either way, history does have a strange way of repeating itself.

On the 20th of September 2018, I wrote:

26. He (Anwar) is also said to be involved in four other sodomy related acts that have yet to be made public.

27. Mahathir seems to be in possession of material evidence related to two of those acts.

28. I am told, he plans to make public those acts the way he did in 1998 by telling Malaysians that he gave Anwar a second chance “but the man doesn’t seem to want to change.”

29. Anwar faces definite jail time on one count alone relating to “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” that he committed on home ground.

30. Another count relates to a 40 year old man who met me personally in Melaka last week.

31. This man allowed me to sight audiovisual evidence showing clearly that Anwar was involved in “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” with him.

32. The man in question is willing to testify at any material time in the spirit of truth and justice.

33. It is not clear at this point if Mahathir is in possession of evidence related to this man.

As we speak, Mahathir is planning to use the evidence (point 27) to do precisely what I told you he would do (point 28) should Anwar reject an offer the Prime Minister is about to make in the coming weeks.

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the rampant speculation over the transfer of power from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been partly fueled by inaccurate mainstream and social media reports.

In a statement today, he said the reports have brought about a perception of conflict within the Pakatan Harapan (PH) leadership.

“I recognise there is abundant speculation about my taking over from Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad being fed in part by inaccurate reports in mainstream and social media, creating the perception of conflict among the leadership.

“I would like to set the record straight and reiterate that there is no issue whatsoever between Tun and I on the transition.

“We have agreed on the process and succession plan and this matter is also resolved within PH.

“After my meeting with Dr Mahathir on Wednesday, I restated my consistent position that he be given the space and support to lead the government,” Anwar said.

He was believed to be referring to a Financial Times (FT) report on Jan 2 which claimed there were rivals within PKR that could threaten his path to becoming the country’s eighth prime minister.

Two days after the FT report was published, he had come out to dismiss it as “fake news.”

Anwar today urged the PH leadership to stay focused on the pressing issues of removing economic hardships of the people, institutional reform and bringing to justice those who robbed from “the public purse”.

He reiterated his support for Dr Mahathirʼs assertion that the PH government is strong.

Anwar assured that both of them are working diligently to fulfil their promises to Malaysians as a government that represents all the people and rejects all forms of race-baiting and incitement of hatred and violence.

He also cautioned that while much has been accomplished, the challenges ahead are formidable and will require teamwork and unity within PH.

“We recognise there are forces which would like to see us fail.

“I urge the leadership to be on guard against these forces that would prefer to see a resurgence of rentier culture and their attempts at hoarding the nationʼs wealth at the expense of social justice and the welfare of the people.

“Let us march forward and do our utmost towards the realisation and fulfilment of the peopleʼs aspirations for a progressive, prosperous and peaceful Malaysia.”

Source: NST Online


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