DAP’s Mahathir will piss in his pants should I make a sudden move

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

Sometime around 12.30 pm yesterday, I had a one-on-one session with a regular contact from the United States (US) who just so happened to be in Kuala Lumpur. Actually, meeting any of these fellows from the US can be very tricky business, as these days, the big fat goons from the Special Branch – you know, the ones who think they got the world figured out – have these other goons latched to my coattails. They’re on my trail, day in day out, thinking that they’re finally going to discover who Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen is. They want to know who I talk to, who I have sex with, who gives me a BJ and what have you.

Every other day, I bump into them. They love me so much, they have what they believe is my regular phone line tapped, as if I’m a terrorist who’s about to blow their precious little Bukit Aman to bits. I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew the colour of the underwear I wore when writing this article. They’re so pathetic, I sometimes wonder if they know that these two hour sessions they spend with me are hours they could easily spend making love in the comfort of their regular motel rooms. Well, each to his own…

Anyway, like I said, it’s an ordeal getting to meet someone in complete privacy without having these goons follow me. And that’s where the ‘Mission Impossible’ tricks I learnt in the nineties come in handy. One of these tricks got me to KLCC at 12.30 pm in time for an hour-long session and back to Subang Jaya by 2 pm. How I accomplished this is something Bukit Aman can lose sleep over or arrange a workshop I’ll be glad to facilitate. What’s important, is that the session revealed a whole lot about what the Americans have in store for the Government of Malaysia (GoM) the minute Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad breathes his last.

And I’m not telling.

Torture me, hit me, drive a knife through my abdomen if you must, but I’m not telling. I’m not, because Malaysia does not have an intelligence edifice capable of handling such intel. That, in essence, is why I am doing what I’m doing. You see, just as much as Barisan Nasional (BN) developed this big, fat, egotistical aura after being in power for ages, Bukit Aman too has been in the business of information gathering and political manoeuvring for too long. Its officers just don’t seem to know shit from Shinola anymore. I mean, if these goons can’t even figure me out, to think that they can anticipate an American contrived plot to topple government. But enough of this Bukit Aman and Shinola shit…

Long story short, Malaysia is under grave threat, and the Prime Minister does not know about it. He is too busy getting 125 Malay-Muslim and Bumiputera Members of Parliament (MPs) to his side before triggering the collapse of Pakatan Harapan (READ FULL STORY, LINK BELOW). How he plans to accomplish this is subject to change, granted, as politics is never a black and white game. But once he gets what he wants, he will establish a new Muslim majority coalition without the DAP in the picture. Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak may not be aware of the details to the plan.

The reason being, his so-called strategists and planners have themselves been fed with fake schemes by Mahathir’s men. Only the Prime Minister and his closest associates know precisely what’s about to happen. Everything else they’re telling their own people is designed to prevent Najib from making unnecessary moves. Then, the minute Mahathir gets his 125 MPs, he will call Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Najib to the smoke-filled room to discuss their fates and that of UMNO. And mark my words – when I say it will happen, it will happen.

Of course, you may reason that the old coot has no fear, that because his clock is ticking, he will do anything he pleases. But I know Mahathir too damn well. I know that he knows that I know what he knows. Put simply, the only reason he won’t come after me is because he knows, that if he does, the whole world will discover an unholy truth that will rock his cronies and family. That truth is something none of you can ever imagine and something he will kill to just to keep secret. As a matter of fact, should he have an option, he will probably get someone to arrest me before finishing me up in the lockup.

So you can imagine what would happen should I suddenly decide to open my mouth. Not even Daim Zainuddin or the Inspector General of Police (IGP) can do a damn thing to contain what will come after. While it is true that the Prime Minister is in a hurry and couldn’t be bothered what anyone thinks of him, it is what happens upon his death that worries him most. He knows, that the information I have is big enough to trigger an out-and-out revolt against government. He knows what will happen should anyone with billions suddenly team up with me. That, in essence, is why he will eventually free Najib of all criminal charges.

Mahathir is dead sure that the former premier’s proxies and nominees stashed some billions somewhere in the central Asian region. He wants to negotiate the return of those billions and is willing to call a truce with Najib. But he forgot about the billions the Americans are willing to pump the minute they’re sure he’s dead and gone. He isn’t aware about plans by a certain group of international financiers to trigger yet another regime change in Malaysia. And to think that someone actually wrote a book that referred to him as the Malaysian Maverick…

To be continued…


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