Eric See-To: Plenty of time for DAP to hold CEC re-election

“If you hold your CEC elections now, you will still have at least 9 months before the 5th anniversary of GE13 which will be on 5th May 2018″


Eric See-To is glad the DAP received an official letter from the Registrar of Societies (RoS) regarding the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC), declared illegal by the statutory body on the 7th of July 2017.

In a Facebook posting yesterday, the Barisan National strategic communications (BNSC) deputy director said the letter was proof that an element of sabotage did not exist with regards to the party’s preparations for the general election.

“Like I had pointed out before, DAP voluntarily held their CEC elections (with the infamous Excel error) on 15th Dec 2012, which is two and a half months before the 5th anniversary of GE12 on 8th March 2013.

“If you hold your CEC elections now, you will still have at least 9 months before the 5th anniversary of GE13 which will be on 5th May 2018.

“Plenty of time still for you to sort out your party’s own long-standing mess with the RoS,” Eric said.

Last Tuesday, Eric pointed out that the DAP “knowingly” and “voluntarily” held their “excel error” CEC election on the 15th of December 2012, just two and a half months shy of the 12th general election deadline.

According to him, the question of there being an element of sabotage did not arise, as the five-year anniversary for the nation to go into polls falls on the 5th of May 2018, giving the DAP nine months to conduct a re-election and prepare for the general election.


Eric was referring to claims by Gobind Singh Deo, implying that the ruling Barisan Nasional was complicit with the RoS to sabotage the DAP’s preparations for the upcoming general election. The claim was first made official by Lim Guan Eng in Gobind’s presence on the 19th of April 2013.

On that day, the DAP secretary general told a press conference at Wisma DAP in Penang that the RoS was “playing politics” to sabotage the party’s chances at the (then upcoming) general election, adding that the “evil and wicked” Barisan Nasional government was using “underhanded tactics” to undermine the DAP.

These allegations and others like them were uttered and implied by Guan Eng and his father, Lim Kit Siang, on multiple occasions, suggesting that the government had deliberately used the RoS as a weapon to sabotage the DAP and end Guan Eng’s career.

“If DAP voluntarily held its Central Executive Committee (CEC) elections two and a half months before the GE12 fifth anniversary in 2013, then how is it sabotage when you still have NINE MONTHS before the G13 fifth anniversary,” Eric asked on Tuesday.

“Perhaps YB Gobind Singh can explain how a short two-and-a-half-month period before GE is not considered sabotaging GE preparations but a more than 3 times longer period of nine months is considered sabotaging GE preparations?”



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