Investigate Kit Siang and son first for being racists and repeatedly threatening unrest

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

In my books, Lim Kit Siang and his son, Lim Guan Eng, are proven racists in every sense of the word and bear very, very anti-Islamic, pro-evangelist auras, both in their actions and words.

Only recently, during the Tanjung Piai by-election campaign, Guan Eng told a DAP congregation in Muar, Johor that a vote for the MCA was akin to a vote for UMNO’s and PAS’ “extremist religious philosophies” which prohibited Christians from congregating for prayers.

I lodged a police report against Guan Eng on the matter and branded him racist, anti-Islam and pro-evangeslist. I am made to understand that the police filed the case under Section 502 (c) of the Penal Code.

Can the senior Lim tell me what has become of the case? He should be asking the police to investigate his onw son instead of shooting his mouth here and there like a demented lunatic.

Clearly, Guan Eng was out to pit the Christians and the Chinese against Muslims. I say Chinese because the majority in the congregation comprised Chinamen, as is the case with the DAP’s members’ list.

I challenge Kit Siang to deny this or the fact that his son’s speech threatened to trigger unrest by fanning the flames of animosity between the Chinese, Christians and the Muslims.

I challenge him to deny the fact that he himself has been incendiary, ruthless, reckless and racist with his speeches that clearly ‘glow in the dark’ with ‘anti-Islamic’ auras.

Back in the sixties, the senior Lim repeatedly questioned the exclusive use of the Malay language in literature and openly debated Syed Naquib Al-Atas over the matter in public spheres at the expense of unity and harmony.


The Malays got very, very agitated, and things were about to boil over. But despite multiple words of caution by authorities, Kti Siang refused to budge and even faced off with Naquib at the Mara Auditorium in Kuala Lumpur.

On the 16thof Spetember 2019, I wrote:

“From Lim Kit Siang’s rude and offensive remarks to Sultan Sharaffuddin Idris Shah during Langkah Kajang to Nga Kor Ming’s infamous slurs, one can easily pen a thesis on the DAP titled “A Zoo of Racially Biased Scoundrels in the Making.” Might I add, from the senior Lim’s infamous public debates with Syed Naquib Al-Atas in the late sixties over the exclusive use of the Malay language in literature, to his incessant branding of unification efforts by the Malay-Muslims as “precursors to unrest,” Kit Siang is truly “The Father of Chaos and Disunity.” In his book, it is ok for the Chinese to unite under the DAP or any party that is “DAP approved” but not for the Malay-Muslims to come together in cause and spirit.

There is even the speech the senior Lim delivered in Universiti Sains Malaysia where he alleged, without adducing a shred of evidence, that non-Muslim children were ‘snached’ from their homes before being forcibly converted to Islam. Can you believe this?

The list goes on.

Tell me, when Dong Zong alleged that the introduction of the jawi-khat calligraphy threatened to “Islamise Malaysian education,” did Kit Siang utter a word?


Did it not occur to him that those words were ‘triggers’ for unrest, just like the time he himself made utterly preposterous and incessant claims on matters related to Islam beginning the late sixties all the way through the eighties, nineties and even past the millennial mark?

Is Kit Siang aware that his public ‘challenges’ against the exclusive use of the Malay language in literature and rants on matters deemed sensitive by the Malay-Muslims contributed immensely to the 13thMay 1969 riots?

Was it not Kit Siang who once told an audience that the Mahathir administration was “Islamising education and all faucets of natural life” in Malaysia, in line with the administration’s alleged ‘aspiration’ to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state?

Would the senior Lim care to take me up on a challenge, in public, so that I can prove once and for all that both he and his son are purveyors of fake news and a disgrace to peace-loving Malaysians?

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