We have to get rid of Kit Siang and Guan Eng if it’s unity we seek

“How can the Lims be against a PAS-UMNO alliance when they don’t seem to have a problem with PPBM and Amanah being under one roof? Is it not obvious that they’re ok with the latter arrangement as Amanah is said to be DAP funded and does only what the DAP says?”

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

If I were to sum up racism post GE14 in one sentence, the sentence will read “Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng.” Period. The duo seems to be a mastermind when it comes to “standing with arms folded right after throwing stones into calm waters.” Both father and son have their guns permanently trained at Malay-Muslim groups and seem to question almost everything UMNO and PAS does. After painting the two parties up to be extremists, they have the cheek to talk about unity and the need to steer clear of race politics.

It’s called bullying.

More than that, it’s a form of power abuse. You see, Guan Eng is now a member of the Federal Cabinet. That effectively grants him some degree of control over what the media does or does not say. That, coupled with his status as a people’s representative, grants him the power to influence the Malaysian psyche. If he has control over the Attorney-General and (or) a very senior official in the police force, it would turn him into a near “God” insofar as Malaysian politics is concerned. With such power, he can say any damned thing under the sun without people paying active attention to him.

Yes, “active attention.” That’s my term for the day. For instance, the report I lodged against him on Thursday was filed “No Further Action” barely half an hour after it was lodged. It suggests that a senior police official put him off the hook even though the report accused him of racism. In the long run, people will pay no “active attention” to reports or articles accusing him of anything, because to them, “it will make no difference – Lim has immunity.” But subconsciously, whatever he says gets programmed into their minds, including insinuations that “UMNO and PAS are against non-Muslims because they refused to censure the so-called ‘Boycott non-Bumiputra products’ campaign.”

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That’s probably how Guan Eng and his father get away with murder. Today, they’re insinuating that PAS and UMNO will spell doom for harmony. Some weeks back, a DAP leader suggested that the alliance would promote terrorism in the country. Put together, it reads “the unification of Muslims in Malaysia will give rise to terrorism.” When PDRM does nothing, it helps shift conversations away from the DAP as people will gradually get fed up with the inaction by police. Subconsciously, though, the Malaysian conscience will be imprinted with a message that reads, “if you support any form of Muslim unification in Malaysia, you are supporting terrorism and extremism.”

It’s called Islamophobia.

Both father and son are fomenting it outright. Kit Siang went so far as to accuse UMNO and PAS of harboring racially and religiously toxic agendas. Ironically, this is the same Lim who went round telling university forums that the Government of Malaysia (GoM) was “Islamising education and other aspects of natural life.” When Mahathir took over in 1981, not only did Kit Siang ramp up accusations, he went so far as to allege that underage kids were forcibly converted to Islam after being taken away from their families. Why the hell do you think the Lims had nothing to say when Waytha Moorthy accused the GoM of forcibly converting Hindu Malaysians to Islam?

Seriously, why do you think Guan Eng refused to reprimand Lim Lip Eng when the latter posted in Facebook that the introduction of Jawi and Khat Clligraphy was akin to “rubbing cow manure on our faces?” If indeed the Lims are all about “unity” and harmony, why did the senior of the two run to Dong Zong’s defence when it was clear that the association had misled the people by alleging that the introduction of jawi was tantamount to the “Islamisation of education?” Perhaps it’s because Dong Zong ripped a page off the speech Kit Siang delivered at Universiti Sains Malaysia in 1986, the one about the GoM “Islamising education” and what have you?


I once wrote, “From Lim Kit Siang’s rude and offensive remarks to Sultan Sharaffuddin Idris Shah during Langkah Kajang to Nga Kor Ming’s infamous slurs, one can easily pen a thesis on the DAP titled “A Zoo of Racially Biased Scoundrels in the Making.” Might I add, from the senior Lim’s infamous public debates with Syed Naquib Al-Atas in the late sixties over the exclusive use of the Malay language in literature, to his incessant branding of unification efforts by the Malay-Muslims as “precursors to unrest,” Kit Siang is truly “The Father of Chaos and Disunity.” In his book, it is ok for the Chinese to unite under the DAP or any party that is “DAP approved” but not for the Malay-Muslims to come together in cause and spirit.

Does that not make him an enemy of Islam?

And talk about hypocrisy. I mean, how can the Lims be against a PAS-UMNO alliance when they don’t seem to have a problem with PPBM and Amanah being under one roof? Is it not obvious that they’re ok with the latter arrangement as Amanah is said to be DAP funded and does only what the DAP says? Is it also not obvious that the arrangement helps keep the Malays split, which explains why the Lims were dead against UMNO leaders hopping over to PPBM but made no bones about a former UMNO bigwig joining the DAP? Remember lawyer turned politician Dato’ Mohd Zaid Ibrahim?

Zaid left UMNO to join the DAP in a ceremony complete with media representation and all, witnessed both by Mahathir and Kit Siang. In his speech, Lim said that Zaid would be an asset to the DAP and would help the party in its struggle. “People asked me if this time, Zaid will stay, and how long will he stay in DAP? I am sure that he will act as a team player and not a prima donna,” he added. But when Mahathir said ok to UMNO leaders joining PPBM, the DAP accused him of turning PPBM into UMNO 2.0. Is that not tantamount to the Lims saying, “we cannot accept Malay-Muslim leaders who we cannot control?”

As far as I’m concerned, the Lims, who were directly responsible for PAS leaving Pakatan Rakyat, will settle for nothing but a “divided Malay-Muslim race” that they can keep under their heels. At least, that’s the message they’re giving with the more-than-obvious anti-Islam and anti-Malay ‘aura’ they’re radiating. Malaysia will be a far better country to live in if we can rid the political arena of their presence. The stench of their ‘Islamophobic’ pursuits reeks so strongly beneath my nostrils, it is as sordid as the stench of a rotting corpse. The longer we keep the Lims around, the further away we will be from the land of everlasting peace and harmony that so many a Malaysian yearns for.


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