Karma is playing pucks with Kit Siang’s Pakatan Harapan

TTF: Kit Siang’s chickens are coming home to roost.

The senior Lim developed a serious case of foot-in-mouth disease when his son was faced with charges of soliciting a bungalow-for-land scam deal last year. He refused to ask his son to resign pending the outcome of investigations. But he was adamant that Najib needed to resign when the Prime Minister was being probed on matters related to 1MDB.

Sadly, the disease lingered on.

When an RCI was initiated into claims that Mahathir dissipated billions from Bank Negara, Kit Siang was eerily silent. But back in the nineties, he went to town with hailers, yelling and screaming that an RCI needed to be established to probe the then premier for bankrupting Bank Negara through the foreign exchange market (forex).

Then, when massive floods wrecked havoc in Kelantan, he joined his son in criticising PAS for this and that. But when a freak rainstorm unleashed its fury in Penang, the senior Lim refused to compel his son to initiate a State Commission of Inquiry (SCI) into elements of corruption involving the wanton sale of state land to cash rich developers and kitchen door approvals of luxury high-rises. These are factors that contributed one way or the other to the scale of destruction witnessed last weekend.

Yes, Karma can be quite a bitch, as The Malaysian Observer has so aptly pointed out in its own way:

The Malaysian Observer

There is a saying that goes; water finds its own level as Lim Guan Eng is finding out.

Penang Menteri Besar Lim Guan Eng had criticised PAS for floods in Kelantan and now Lim Guan Eng is facing a deluge of water in the state he is administering.


Only recently Lim Guan Eng was faced with a tragic landslide


Now Penang is facing flood water that is close to two (2) meters high.

It would be convenient for Lim Guan Eng to say that there was nothing his DAP-led administration could do about the rain as it is the result of the global warming!

It is strange how flooding is be said to be the result of global warming in Penang, but Lim Guan Eng would refer to the same type of flooding in Kelantan as a failure of the PAS government.


But the DAP-led Pakatan opposition seems to have a pattern in this regard; failure to see their own failures.

We only need to look no further back than to Tun Mahathir’s Bugis Pirate remark.  None of those in DAP-led Pakatan held or to this day is holding Tun Mahathir accountable for his remark.

From de facto leader all through the upper echelon; all of their lips have been glued together with respect to Tun Mahathir’s Bugis Pirate racist statement.

So today Datuk Salleh Said Keruak called on Lim Kit Siang to clarify his and DAP-led Pakatan’s stand on the bugis remark.


There is even of question of whether Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Azmin Ali would censure Tun Mahathir over the slur.

The Third Force (TTF): The onus is now for Azmin to prove if he is loyal to The Sultan of Selangor. Back in 2014, PKR committed democratic thievery by fabricating evidence against the then Menteri Besar. When the Sultan intervened, top party leaders and even Lim Kit Siang insulted the palace by telling His Royal Highness to stay out. To this day, neither faction has apologised to the ruler. Will Azmin now do what is necessary to redeem his party’s dignity or is he going to sanction Mahathir’s slur by keeping mum?


It has become quite apparent that throughout Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition that they are quick to point a finger and are blind to the other fingers pointing back at them.

And there is another one that goes

Looking at how DAP-led Pakatan refuses to look at its own faults; Lim Guan Eng’s fixation on looking for faults with PAS and UMNO and being oblivious to the waters rising around him is of little surprise. He even criticised PAS for floods in Kelantan; now look!

Source: The Malaysian Observer



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