Open letter to Pakatan Harapan – make your choice

“The Third Force bloc has nothing to lose, as the odds are between it becoming kingmaker and it winning the general election. But Anwar has everything to lose, as he will get ‘completely smashed’ should PKR clash with a Third Force against PPBM or UMNO”

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

سورت تربوك كڤد ڤاكتن هارڤن – بوات ڤيليهن سكارڠ

Ever since Pakatan Harapan brought Barisan Nasional down to its knees, PKR and the DAP have had practically nothing to talk about other than the need to turn Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim into Prime Minister.

But here’s the thing – nobody from PKR or even the DAP has ever offered a single, logical explanation as to how one might accomplish such a feat.

Barely three months into premiership, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was hounded by Anwar and his minions over “power transition,” making Mahathir’s days in office a living hell.

Despite claims that a ‘signed’ transition agreement existed, Anwar was never able to produce the document and embarked on all sorts of schemes to collect Statutory Declarations from Members of Parliament to try and topple Mahathir.

But he failed – he could not even muster support from his own people in Pakatan Harapan, as many from PKR, the DAP and AMANAH were reluctant to commit to him in writing.

Still, he managed to secure some 80 or so Statutory Declarations after gaining support from several Barisan Nasional and Sarawak Members of Parliament.

But the numbers didn’t hold.

Days before the Sabah state election, he held in his hands less than 70 Statutory Declarations while telling all and sundry that the support for him was “strong, formidable and convincing.”

So how is Anwar ever going to become Prime Minister?


Everything that has happened thus far proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Anwar is a washout and what I would like to term a “parliamentary reject.”

Had Mahathir stepped down before Langkah Sheraton to ‘make way’ for Anwar, things would have been far messier.

Back then, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had yet to finalise a secret deal with UMNO’s Team A and PAS’ Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan, meaning, not even Muhyiddin would have succeeded in gaining majority support.

Under the circumstances, the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong would probably have plunged the country into a general election, one that would most likely have wrecked PKR good and proper.

I say this not because I am prejudiced against PKR, but because the Sabah state election painted a very dark and dreary future for the reformist party.

Let us not forget that PKR went to the poll riding on a press conference that Anwar held days ahead.

It was during this presser that Anwar spoke of a “strong, formidable and convincing” majority, driving the impression that he was going to become Prime Minister soon after the election.

But what happened?

PKR was severely punished and practically wiped out in Sabah.

WARISAN, on the other hand, showed a marked improvement in terms of seat count despite voicing its support for Mahathir and his cause.

Does this not prove that the rakyat – in Sabah, at least – rejects Anwar and wants Mahathir back, now more than ever?

So here’s the deal:

I propose that Pakatan Harapan gets in touch with Mahathir as soon as possible and organises a ‘pow-wow’ to discuss the following:

1. Proof of support for Anwar

When Mahathir was Prime Minister, Anwar’s men rode on the excuse that because the former refused to step down, the latter never got to become Prime Minister.

We know that this isn’t true, as not only was Mahathir in office less than two years, it is the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong who makes the decision, not Mahathir.

Anyway, Mahathir is no longer in office.

When Anwar finally got to meet the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, he failed to produce even a shred of evidence suggesting that he did indeed possess a “strong, formidable and convincing” majority.

So what happened to that majority?

This has to be addressed during the proposed meeting, and concrete evidence of that majority must be produced.

2. Pakatan Harapan is either for or against a Third Force bloc.

Should Mahathir lead a Third Force bloc (TFB) against PPBM, UMNO and PAS come the 15th general election, the chances of the new bloc becoming kingmaker following the election or winning the election altogether is very high (refer article below).

Tanpa Mahathir, UMNO akan karam

So, unless Pakatan Harapan can prove that Anwar has a clear chance of becoming Prime Minister, the DAP, PKR and AMANAH must be willing to drop the idea of naming Anwar as Prime Minister.

Pakatan Harapan and the TFB can then begin discussions on seat allocations, with the express understanding that “who gets to become Prime Minister” will be decided after the general election, not before.

Either way, the Third Force bloc has nothing to lose, as the odds are between it becoming kingmaker after the general election and it winning the general election.

But Anwar has everything to lose, as he will get ‘completely smashed’ should PKR clash with the TFB against PPBM or UMNO.

3. The DAP and PKR must explain its dealings with Team A

Datuk Seri Dr Ahamad Zahid Hamidi has confirmed that there was some form of discussion involving the DAP and Team A towards the establishment of a partnership between Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional.

Zahid has also acknowledged that he is willing to consider working with Anwar and the DAP, as has Najib, in one way or the other.

Although we know now that Zahid lacks support from his own party, he is telling the truth.

It is therefore incumbent upon Anwar and the DAP to discuss Pakatan Harapan’s relationship with UMNO during the proposed meeting as the existence of such a ‘relationship’ was affirmed by a senior DAP leader from Perak.

If the DAP and PKR are not willing to declare Zahid and Najib as the enemy, Pakatan Harapan automatically becomes the enemy.

4. Pakatan Harapan must drop the “we don’t need Mahathir” act

Pakatan Harapan must openly declare that it is not against Mahathir, while the DAP and PKR must stop the attacks by a couple of leaders who seem to be acting on Anwar’s instructions.

If the attacks do not stop, the deal is off.




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