Anwar-Azmin crisis: The hidden endgame and the future of UMNO

“While I don’t really fancy Mahathir’s methods, what he did ended up proving, that despite his party being less than half the size of PKR, it is the latter that crumbled. It follows, if Anwar cannot even keep the most ‘powerful’ party in PH intact, how can we expect him to keep the Government of Malaysia together once he becomes Prime Minister?”

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

I’ve said it before – many people like it when I talk about politics but often want me to tell them what they like to hear. So, if you’re willing to set aside your emotions and think objectively, this article is meant for you. If you’re the type who prefers me to tell you that the sky is purple, it’s best that you seek alternatives. That having been said, let us dive into some interesting facts regarding the Haziq-Azmin sex scandal and the future of PKR.

The Haziq-Azmin sex video scandal is ranking at overkill, with politicians and bloggers alike diving into the affair as if there were no tomorrow. Some are calling it a carefully engineered distraction, but I beg to differ. Not many realise, that the one thing Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s PPBM has that PKR does not have is the post of Prime Minister, the most coveted job in the country.

And that is important?


For Mahathir to stay relevant, the primary objective is not for him to lure UMNO Members of Parliament (MPs) to his side of the isle – which is the impression he’s been giving us – but to make sure that the party with the most number of eligible candidates for the role of Prime Minister is crippled, and thereafter, destroyed.

And that party is PKR?


If some of you have been thinking that mission number one on Mahathir’s hit-list is to destroy UMNO, think again. Rumours of UMNO’s ‘deregistration’ that began circulating soon after the 14th general election were meant merely as diversions and to frighten as many division and branch leaders as possible into joining PPBM. Truth is, UMNO was always second on Mahathir’s “to do” list, which also includes the need to form a new party.

But more on the new party later.

But why PKR?

The reformasi concern is currently the biggest component party in Pakatan Harapan in terms of parliamentary representation. The party is led by Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who seems to have a loose agreement of sorts with Mahathir on the issue of succession. The bad blood and distrust between the duo is such, that Mahathir prefers anyone but Anwar as his replacement. Initially, the choice was narrowed down to Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali and this one other individual. But for reasons beyond the scope of this article, Azmin is no longer the top pick and has since been reduced to an ‘expendable commodity’.


And that explains the sex videos?


Times have changed. If Mahathir were to execute Anwar today the way he did in 1998, he will piss the hell off a huge voter base that is currently his best bet in turning PPBM (or the new party) into the biggest Malay party come the 15th general election. Rest assured, we’ll talk more about this voter base in an article to follow this one (and I’ll keep my promise this time). For now, all you need to know, is Mahathir wants Azmin to kill Anwar off by killing the latter’s support base in PKR. To do that, a member of Mahathir’s camp (hereinafter referred to as “DZ”) masterminded the entire sexcapade to implicate Anwar and his men of conspiracy.

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But that’s dirty.

And you thought politics was clean?

Anyway, I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty all over again as I’ve explained everything in a preceding article (follow the link above). Bottom line is, it doesn’t really matter who the grand mastermind is as Anwar’s men did eventually get involved. If I were to plan a murder and get you to commit the murder, you can’t turn around and tell the judge that you’re innocent just because I planned it. So you see, one way or the other, Anwar and his men will be implicated because they did get themselves involved in the sexcapade.

How would that cripple PKR?

Actually, the deed is done.

When Anwar hinted that Azmin needed to resign, he assumed that his position was so strong that all MPs would support him. The thing is, Mahathir knows Anwar like the back of his palm. He knows that the PKR president tends to get overexcited and overconfident towards the finishing line. And when Anwar gets overexcited and overconfident, he stops thinking and starts acting foolish. Mahathir knew that Anwar couldn’t resist ‘slapping’ Azmin in the face and knew what it would cost PKR.

Why, what did Mahathir see?

Mahathir knows as well as the better half of “everyone who knows Azmin” does that the latter gets panicky and overemotional when confronted with crisis situations. He probably knew that Azmin would publicly bitch about Anwar and what it would cost PKR. Why do you think Mahathir is defending Azmin? He knows that Anwar also tends to get overemotional and would be terribly upset that he got a different kind of treatment back in 1998.

So why doesn’t Anwar just spit it out?

How can he?

How can a man who openly declared that he harbored no ill feelings for Mahathir suddenly tell voters “I lied, the old man is a devil?” Anwar just simply cannot attack Mahathir on the Haziq-Azmin sexcapade. If he did, the old man would immediately turn around and say, “is the fact that I’m giving Azmin the benefit of doubt not proof that I no longer am the man I was in 1998?” So you see, the next best thing Anwar can do is to hurt the man he thinks Mahathir cares for the most – Azmin Ali.

And Mahathir knew the outcome?

I think even my milkman did.

When an overemotional, overexcited and overconfident (“Tripple O”) Anwar makes a move, you can be dead sure it’s the wrong move. So, when Tripple O Anwar ‘slapped’ Tripple O Azmin, the latter bitched about it and ended up gaining the sympathy of many PKR MPs. It is very unlikely that Anwar still retains the majority support in PKR as even the MPs aligned to him were pissed as hell that he stabbed Azmin in the back.

Why were the MPs pissed?

Yesterday, I wrote (in Malay):

Niat Anwar memberitahu wartawan bahawa beliau mempunyai sokongan majoriti parlimen adalah bagi menangkis kritikan ahli-ahli parlimen PKR yang marah dengan beliau kerana menyerang Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali secara terbuka.

Ahli-ahli parlimen tersebut marah kerana sebelum ini, apabila Anwar dituduh meliwat, kesemua pemimpin PKR – termasuk Azmin sendiri – memberi sokongan padu terhadapnya malah terus mengekalkan bahawa beliau tidak bersalah biarpun Mahkhamah sendiri menyabitkan kesalahan tersebut.

Anwar, yang sudahpun dimaklumkan berkenaan situasi terkini yang agak kritikal, amat khuatir bahawa penyokongnya di kalangan ahli-ahli parlimen akan berpaling tadah kerana sikapnya yang tidak menghargai pengorbanan rakan-rakan seperjuangan.

Seorang ahli parlimen yang dapat saya hubungi tengan hari tadi mengesahkan bahawa seramai enam ahli parlimen kem Anwar bermesyuarat pagi tadi dan menyatakan kesangsian mereka terhadap Anwar kerana tidak yakin beliau akan membela mereka sekiranya beliau diangkat menjadi Perdana Menteri.

Get the drift?

So PKR is as good as gone?


Doesn’t that make Mahathir an evil genius?

Couldn’t agree more.

While I don’t really fancy the old man’s methods, what he did ended up proving, that despite his party being less than half the size of PKR, it is the latter that crumbled. It follows, if Anwar cannot even keep the most ‘powerful’ party in PH intact, how can we expect him to keep the Government of Malaysia together once he becomes Prime Minister?

And UMNO? Will Mahathir cripple UMNO now that PKR is ‘destroyed’?

Let’s talk about it in an upcoming article, shall we? For now, let it be known, that the person who’s truly eager to deregister UMNO is not Mahathir, but Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

To be continued…

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